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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in London.

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ID 49272

Tom Hulme


General Partner Google Ventures Europe, Founder & Board Director &, Advisor at IDEO

ID 13941

Davide Casali

Designing Experiences at Automattic • Design Advisor • Product Manager • @baker-framework Founder • Startup and corporate experience

ID 66532

Alexandra Margolis

Co-founder and head of design at

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 114148


Tech Entrepreneur,• Founder @wave-4 • Studied at @Defence College of Telecommunications and Information Systems

ID 128563



Entrepreneur. Founder @tok-tok-tok Ex @ebuzzing, @zong

ID 297300

Ben Cerveny

Founded @bloom-studio. Named & helped conceive of @flickr. Design Fellow at @samsung-electronics, Advisor to @arup, @snibbe-studio, @scoot-networks, and @funomena

ID 159886

Alex Halliday

Entrepreneur, product manager, designer, front-end dev. Founder at @lawpal and @socialgo. 10 years experience in startups, SaaS, community, marketing.

ID 163093

David Bailey

CEO at Spotnight. Product manager, coder, data guy. Previously cofounded 3 startups. Ex Booz&Co consultant, math grad at Oxford Uni, Singularity Uni GSP'11.

ID 7130

Dean Fankhauser

Founder of @nuji. Previously worked at @yahoo, @havas and various digital agencies in @london and abroad in @strategy and @user Experience Design

ID 216049

George Johnston

Co founder @incubusldn, Engineer @huddle, Global Business competition UK and Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

ID 108432

Alex Nguyen

BA at @skimlinks, Prev @shutl, @duedil • Studied at @university-college-london,@draper-university-1 & @University of York

ID 201890

Devin Hunt

Designer, Educator, Entrepreneur on the world wide internets. Partner at @founder-centric, co-founder at @lyst, EIR at @university-college-london-1

ID 89716

Andy Ashburner

Designer & Over Drinker of Coffee. Ex Yahoo, MTV, Caffeinehit & Pin Drop.

ID 82294

Erin Delacroix


Strong focus in product innovation, data, strategy, and business development. In my last startup, worked with One Kings Lane, ebay, URBN, and Huawei.

ID 297723



co-founded ustwo, ustwogames (maker of Monument Valley) and DICE - the worlds smartest ticketing app with zero booking fees.

ID 2893

Andrew Crump


CEO - @mitoo - Serial entrepreneur and UX Designer. Loosely a Mentor at Tech Stars London, 500, Seecamp and others.

ID 4089

Vitaly M. Golomb

CEO @printmo-by-keen // CEO @europe Venture Summit // Mentor @500startups @happy-farm @innovation-nest // Award-winning designer // Speaker

ID 67858

Jon Darke

Every Interaction are a small independent UI/UX design studio in London working with startups & SMEs on web apps, mobile apps and websites

ID 12176

James King


Founder of the FIG Group

ID 130883

Natalie Downe

Enthusiastic front-end developer and entrepreneur

ID 39967

Dan Rubin

designer, singer, photographer, barbershop harmony aficionado, philosopher, polymath; improving the world through design. also, half-English by birth. ⁂

ID 104771

Chuka Amadi

design @childishgambino | @disneyaccel • worked at @techstars & @betaltd • Studied at @startupinst • Designed for @powerinbox, @eyenetra & @zagster.

ID 289894

Tobias Otte

Engineer @lyst , perviously @xing

ID 162725

Shawn Zvinis

VP Product at @yoyo-3 @wayra ; Previously Founder at @tab-1 @seedcamp

ID 177847

Bogdan Suchyk


Founder and CEO @mytips & @motify-me-1. Entrepreneur and growth hacker apprentice. Passionate about gaming, UX design and front-end development.

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 201025

Barbara Somlai

Co-Founder @snug • Worked at @skimlinks, @cambellrigg • Studied at @university-of-westminster-uk

ID 81675

Visual Idiot

Designer with a love for clean pixels, breathtaking typography, semantic markup and awful puns.

ID 16834

Barrie James Robinson

Founder of Clip. Clip simplifies the creation of rich media channels for unique experience-driven brands. Clip is creative, collaborative and experiential.

ID 133499

Fran Pérez

Proud Co-Founder of @funddy. Speedy minded Product Designer and coder wannabe. Sometimes medium runner and hardcore gamer.

ID 482355

Zander Brade

ID 630897

David Vignoni

Digital Product Designer

ID 470416

William Ho

Experienced in Design & Branding as well as other disciplines such as Marketing, Web Design, Product Design, Interactive Design and UX Design Will has consulting globally.

ID 75465

Gideon Bullock

Design direction at

ID 182314

Matt Dempsey

Co-founder & UX Designer @togethera. Co-founder at @camayak. Previously @facebook Product Design Intern. Portfolio at

ID 126780

Gilbert Wedam

Current: Lead Designer at @citymapper Previous: Co-Founder @lookk

ID 205304

Seb Insua

Worked at @hailo, @bizzby, @boppl, @we-r-interactive, @saffron-digital

ID 356522

Leonardo Falaschini

Cross-platform UI+UX designer experienced in mobile devices and game consoles. Bullet-Proof Adobe PS, Flash and Illustrator user. Worked at Globant and Ubisoft.

ID 87965

Marc Holgate

10 years mobile design experience with @intel, @telefonica, @qualcomm, @taptu, @yahoo and @skype. Proud parent.

ID 66280

Simon I'Anson

Digital product design and strategy. Co-founder Kopi. Product lead on Google Global Impact Challenge finalist - TaskSquad. Ex-agency Creative Director.

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 135734

Attila Kecsmar

Co-founder at @antavo. Serial entrepreneur with 3 successful IT companies. 14 years of experience in web development & visual communication.

ID 335698

Tyron Yamaguchi

Digital product designer

ID 139080

Claudio Bosco

Chief Product Officer & Founder @fluentify

ID 169031

Brian Hoadley

Founder at Burnt Fingers and Marco & Bee. 18y UX/Product Design, 25y Tech. Worked projects with BBC, Channel 4, @microsoft, Lonely Planet, Sony, UK Gov, etc

ID 29854

Jim Morrison

Founder of @twidaq & Achieve Awesome, owner of @deep-blue-sky Digital.

ID 225405

Toby Vacher

Founder/Product at @voicecandy-1. Founder of @taste-cocktails Formerly Head of Product and UX at @enthuse-me ; Product Manager at @groupspaces

ID 31813

Devan Koshal

Founder & CEO of Swipe, We're making @chec. @angelpad Alum. UI/UX & Full Stack Developer. Took Kout (now Ribbon) from dorm in UK to San Francisco in 3 months.

ID 78171

Gearóid O'Rourke

Full stack startup designer.

ID 344495

Alex Foster

Founder of Race Yourself (Augmented Reality Exercise Games). Fourth startup, first full-time. Worked in Venture capital and M&A. Masters in Engineering from UCL.

ID 86008

Sebastien Powell

I specialise in web and user interface design, user experience and branding. I'm currently working as the lead designer for Adbrain.

ID 3604

Mathieu Gosselin

Crazy Execute Officer, creative developer, designer, explorer and human being

ID 568805

Silvia Hernández Cabrera

I firmly believe in the ability of design to improve the world around us and make it better. Why not to participate in this change?

ID 124511

Tom Cavill

Product and UI designer in London. Ex Lead Designer at Top10 (Accel, Founder Collective). Extensive startup experience w/ web, iOS, Spotify and other platforms.

ID 88530

Harry Wincup

ID 322126

Ashton Snook

UI/UX designer, people thinker, interaction solver and wanter of great experiences for everyone.

ID 84953

Azmat Yusuf

Founder of @citymapper. Previously: @google, WorldBank, Seedcamp, venture capital, bum.

ID 7205

Richard Burton

I like to make useful things.

ID 19624

Veiko Jääger

UI and UX Designer • 5y in startups, 9y in telecom, 3y in banking • Passion for simplicity

ID 335264

Dhruv Ghulati

Data Analyst, Angel Investor, LSE Economist, @paybygroup, @hello Fresh, @davidmerrill Lynch, Hackathon (@LendMeIt, @ThredThat), NACUE Business Plan winner (GoPort!)

ID 60671

Kathleen Warner

I create.

ID 80803

John O'Nolan

Founder of the @ghost blogging platform. Previously designer and developer for @microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, easyJet @wordpress and Ubisoft amongst others.

ID 84004

Tim Keeling

Worked at @tastebuds, @edelman • Studied at @central-st-martins-college-of-art-and-design, @london-university-of-the-arts

ID 350495

Indiana Caba

UX & Product designer with more than 6 years of experience interested in usability, data, new technologies and visual innovation. Always driven by curiosity.

ID 40028

John Martin

Head of Product/Tech @synkio Former: Design lead @groupspaces and developer / designer @absolute-radio

ID 141621

Andrew McPhee

Product designer and company developer • Co-founder and CEO of Seene • Responsible for product design & vision, company strategy, marketing + bizdev

ID 58505

James Fisher

Founder at

ID 440845

Rui Ramos

Front-end web developer at @ometria, previously at @vodafone • MSc Computer Sciences from @universidade-de-coimbra and @lund-university

ID 496189

Iestyn Williams

Designer/Developer hybrid. Interested in all aspects of the web.

ID 213717

Aleksandr Pasevin

Co-founder @hype-1 | Love arts, culture, subculture, code and good design. Experienced in web design, UI and creative lead.

ID 101974

Maxime De Greve

Designer. Belgian. Previously Lead @citysocializer + @uberlife, @littlemissrobot & @gentsagency.

ID 246437

Will Baker

Creative director and product/platform designer. Previously at @trumaker; @musicfloss.

ID 141249

Mathias Vagni

Front-End Dev & Designer @DazedMagazine, Co-Founder of @usethefood, pretty good cook.

ID 188806

Bill Rappos

Product Designer at @fleksy. 1st startup during engineering school. #1 iOS app with iSteam. Founder and CEO of GreatApps.

ID 811952

Caylee Farndon-Taylor

A full-stack Product Designer with a passion for product. I am looking for an agile environment, working with smart people that care about what they do.

ID 419411

James Weiner

Co-founder and CPO @poetica. Formerly founding designer at UK Government Digital Service and GOV.UK

ID 7063

Raoul Tawadey

CEO of @readwave - mixing science and arts: from UCL but worked as a script reader in film production. Product orientated.

ID 267148

Jacopo Marcantonio

Founder MadebyMedics

ID 404200

Lewis Flude

I'm Co-founder of Magnific. I started my first company at 16 and have spent the last five years specialising in defining and building great products.

ID 280516

Horia Cernusca

Sometimes a designer, sometimes an entrepreneur, sometimes dancing. I put blurry photos on CEO and co-founder of

ID 140271

Tom Mapham

Product director at Outfit7. Previously head of product at Adzuna, exec producer at Playfish, Electronic Arts. Stanford MBA

ID 23266

Tom Nora

Startup Founder, Cofounder | ceo, growth, strategy, M&A, exit, IPO. | @3m @the-scalable-startup @nasa-ames @mentor-graphics : : CS/EE @stanford @usc

ID 358995

Ming Yin

Crazy Monster!

ID 67029

Danny Keane

User Interface Designer | Creative Director @zesty-1 | Previously designed for @truphone, @hall, @betterlesson, @conversocial

ID 35212

Katrin Suess

CTO / Founder Vimily • Founder @bleebook • Founder ZeroMail • MA Design Innovation. Worked as the leading UI designer for start-ups in Australia & Germany.

ID 142619

Mike Salter

Founder @wearepopup • Studied at @dartmouth-college, @university-college-london

ID 127668

Adam Roberts

Founder and Chief Executive at @enigmatic-flare

ID 589025

Tom de Gay

Designer @quantemplate. 10 years UX and wayfinding. MA at Central Saint Martins.

ID 46948

Andrew Brackin

@thiel-fellowship-20-under-20 Fellow. Co-founded GetDealy '10 (100K signups). Organised TWMeetup (Sponsored by Twilio, SendGrid, MSFT).

ID 302417

Toni Lane Casserly

CEO / Editor in Chief: CoinTelegraph. Advisor, ChangeTip. ENTJ. Strong background in creative business. UT/SCAD.

ID 22351

Hadi Laasi

Founder of Stylect. Graduate of Startup Institute. Former Techstars Hacker in residence. Design, analytics, hacking and traveling make me happy :)

ID 120573

Filippo Schiano di Pepe


Co founder @cocontest I am an architect,3d printing & Internet of things. My goal is make the technology and new service affordable and accessible for all

ID 608090

Ankur Vashi

BS in CE from Syracuse University. Mobile Application Developer with a thrist for new experience. Experience with working in start-up companies.

ID 147983

Julien Deveaux

Co-founder @cottontracks • Alum @startupchile • Worked at @applidium, @work4labs • Studied at @hec-paris & @telecom-paristech

ID 271973

Murat Mutlu

Founder Marvel • Worked at @nokia, @enpocket • Studied at @university-of-brighton. I love design and being creative with tech

ID 124322

Mateusz Cyrankiewicz

Founder @dropr. UX/UI Designer, interaction developer, animator and sometimes photographer.

ID 331036

Cécile Baird

Head of Operations and Portfolio at Operations Director at Strong Background in Design studied at London College of Communication, Fashion Institute of Technology NYC & UC Berkeley Half French - Half British Problem Solver

ID 335083

Peter Main

BSc Astrophysics & Senior Designer at Forward Labs. Founder of and Cofounder of

ID 6299

Razvan Tirboaca

Co-Founder @preboo • Worked at @ubisoft, @gameloft. Product guy, strong UX/UI skills.

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 185662

Benjamin Evans

CEO @needmade. UI/UX Designer & Digital Marketer. Professional Actor. Startup Pitch Coach. Matter.Vc Alumni on a mission to empower freelance professionals

ID 53780

Gonçalo Catarino

Designer + Creative & Product Director + Stuff. Founder of @weddar, @factory-productions. Co-Founder at Owlr.

ID 436440

Christian Giordano

Digital Product Designer, with engineering background, helped companies building tools, processes and the team to deliver highest quality digital experiences.

ID 219705



Early career @goldman-sachs after postgrad in Law @london-school-of-economics, entrepreneur since 2001, owns @starboard-group behind i.a. @otonomos, @tilt-it

ID 105247

Alfredo Violante

Brand strategist focused on emotional impact

ID 21299

Ivan Von Turkovich

Founder @buddy-drinks, @instacarte • Worked at @livecliq, @odpiralni • Studied at @university-of-ljubljana, @lulea-technical-university

ID 112729

Marco Martini

Founder @jaqard, @stylenda @HenceJustMe • Worked at @Taento

ID 232132

Jonny Burch

Creative Lead at Osper

ID 49685

Ben Reyes

London based, designer, developer & growth hacker. Currently expanding Zendesk in Europe. Previously worked with YC startups, investors, and individuals.

ID 217130

Christoforos Anagnostopoulos

Founder @mentat-innovations. Lecturer in Statistics @imperial-college-london. PhD in Streaming Data Analysis @imperial-college-london. Studied mathematics @Cambridge-University

ID 53666

Daniel Vernon

Designer @notebetter

ID 78178

Michael Willmott

Founder of @knodium. A design-gineer interested in technology, design, and making things. Often found cycling or in the pool swimming and playing water polo.

ID 84986

Rhys Howell

Founder @tgthr • Worked at @myspace, @microsoft

ID 102820

Ian Collingwood

Founder of UXdna. Entrepreneur, product specialist, UX & Lean Practitioner. Mentor, advisor. I help startups make great UX their secret weapon.

ID 281431

Murid Rahhal

Creative, Designer, Entrepreneur. Director at @SPORK.

ID 24504

Travis Lee Street

Designer. Developer. Blogger.

ID 22150

Sufian Hassan

Self taught in web design, development and marketing.

ID 225364

Oliver Waters

Co-founder and CEO at @momento. 2nd startup. Product designer with background in tech, design & business. Passion for well crafted, simple & intuitive products.

ID 188091

Vytas Butkus

5 years of experience working in the design industry

ID 342727

Michael Walczyk

Designer / Android Engineer @stublisher-inc, Interned at @zoic-studios, Worked at @id-tech-camps

ID 184926

Michael Hobson

Co-founder: 3beards (Silicon Drinkabout, Chew The Fat, Don't Pitch Me Bro, Digital Sizzle). Co-founder: Pollarize. Also freelance designer & illustrator.

ID 208215

Tomas Laurinavicius

Designer, blogger, entrepreneur and adventurer from Lithuania. Founder of @despreneur and co-founder of @refe. Living to inspire and be inspired.

ID 154122

Med Bükey

Founder @vexpop-1 • Worked at @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted, @ubs • Studied at @middlesex-university

ID 111509

Simone Mascagni

Advertising student at @central-st-martins-college-of-art-and-design. Co-Founder of @Beelief_org, Creative Director of @wobu and working at @3d-hubs

ID 200008

Paul Cackett

Experience: Leading international agencies and brands. Transformation and growth within agencies. Mentoring management, clients and team on best practice for digital acceleration and revenue. Proven delivery of campaigns and new business.

ID 201222

Deniz Tekkul

Freelance graphic designer working for a few clients including French Connection, Eyeko, Great Plains and Free Tibet. Founder @bespont. MA Graphic Design 2008.

ID 426643

Matthew Byrne

UX and brand strategy ninja.

ID 142501

Carlos Lagrange

UI Designer & Entrepreneur - @techstars / @draper-university -

ID 49692

Jon Gold

Founder @hire-my-friend; full-stack designer @makeshift • Worked at @prismatic

ID 163310

Benedict Davies

Senior UX Designer at @google. Background in mobile interface dev, innovation and service design. Previously at Samsung Design and @hutchison-3g.

ID 196922

Edd Morgan

I type random characters into a text editor and somehow it ends up as code.

ID 137070

Stef Ivanov

Founder of @arteestic. UI/UX Designer at @peerindex. Freelancing since 2007.

ID 281063

Ben Holfeld

Mobile App Expert

ID 154796

Filippo Yacob

Founder @primo

ID 67037

Andre Horton

Team member of @playmob.

ID 394057

Chad Garrett Cribbins

Founder of @firefly-experience-ltd, multi-Cannes Lion award-winning digital creative with expertise honed in both agencies (@sapientnitro) & start-ups (3rd) @university-of-oregon

ID 147045

Dimo Trifonov

More than just a founder of @3nder. Failed with @pokke and @memento-1 .

ID 161793

Chad Jennings

Cofounder, VP of product and at Now adventuring in future of online learning in UK. father. product guy. designer. whiteboard warrior. foodog killah.

ID 74174

George Urdea

Co-founder @nobly • 20+ UX/UI consulting contracts, including @bmw, @blackberry-2 and @coca-cola • 1st software startup out of high school

ID 695873

Alex Nako

Creative & Product Direction with extensive background in R&D, advertising and branding. Obsessed with building things and working with inspiring minds.

ID 333839

Oleg Tsaplin

Lead front-end developer & interaction designer at @marvel. 1/2 of @finely

ID 99962

Marcin Cajzer

Designer by nature, UX/UID by trade. Developer by choice. Over 15 years experience on the web. Taking yet another swing at startups - this time fintech.

ID 68402

Dario D'Aprile

UX, Design, Product Management. Founder @utelly, @via-viaggi-in-avventura • Worked at @news-corporation, @national-geographic • Studied at @domus-academy

ID 253275

Kevin Russell

11 Years in music • 22 years in software • Worked at @ibm, @bbc, @mtv-networks @uk NHS • Studied at @new-york-university music prod and @tisch-school-of-the-arts

ID 209911

Kai Turner

UX product designer with a passion for R&D at the intersection of games and education. Currently looking for opportunities in digital learning & innovation.

ID 23488

Ben Stevenson

Founder & CEO @halocline Disruptive technology innovator, creative director, filmmaker & philanthropist. Royal College of Art & Central Saint Martins alumni.

ID 380740

Youri Jedlinski

CEO & Founder @simplib. Passionate entrepreneur and creator with a strong product designer background. Track record over 3 years' experience in design firms.

ID 81579

Stephen Trott

Founder of @trianglecirclesquare & @bertie-bean. Worked at @one-diary, @clear-channel-outdoor-uk

ID 169032

Fabio ↬

Software engineer and designer hybrid. I design and create software, I run my design studio.

ID 378216

Nick Ierodiaconou

Co-founder / Lead Designer at Previously co-founded,, Architect at 00 London.

ID 198686

Giovanni Giuseppe Savini

Innovation consultant and entrepreneur. Founder and CEO @ondamove. Founder and Financial Manager @CascinaMora. Innovation Analyst @BIP Financial Services

ID 156495

Giulia Piu

Founder @buddybounce, BusinessDesignTools • MSc Design at @politecnico-milano, MA Entrepreneurship at @goldsmiths • Strong Design Strategy and UX background.

ID 223415

James Zhang

China CEO @powa-technologies-ltd My job is to sell ideas. @samsung Ásia, @ogilvy @dentsu Creative, @research-in-motion Evangelist @kpmg Innovator

ID 292404

Liling Ong

• Co-Founder @Styleprofile • Founder @jasmine-lilac • Worked in Leadership Advisory @heidrick-and-struggles • Worked in Law @Allen&Overy • Graduated from @university-college-london-1 and @BPPLawSchool • Grew up London / Singapore

ID 129581

Oykun Yilmaz

Hi, I'm Oykun, a self-taught designer from London, fuelled with curiosity and passion for simplicity in design.

ID 376321

Andy Whittaker


@barclays Director of Digital @ebay Product manager @dogwoof Founder. I specialise in scaling digital businesses. Looking for creative start-ups to grow.

ID 98901

Vibor Cipan

CEO of @ux-passion. Founder of @pulse-wall-1 . Astronomy and agronomy enthusiast.

ID 174200

Edward Woodcock

Founder @barbuddy. Developer at @Simply-Business • Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 425122

Lukasz Kos

Founder Four O Nine • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @jagiellonian-university

ID 101550

Mat Munro

Working on something new. Experienced in product an business innovation. Loves a good story. Previously of @MeetStrange and @pollarizeme.

ID 214550

James Willock

Designer and front-end developer; instructor at General Assembly London. Make/eat/sleep.

ID 82041

George Voulgaris

Founder @fallingelephant, @startigniter • Partner @taggzy • Worked at @visionmobile, @logicom • Studied at @university-of-bristol, @cardiff-university

ID 29738

Louise Campbell

UX Research & Design

ID 90011

Gavin Weeks


Founder @esportsify. CCO @xfire, Founder of @jowst acquired by @xfire. Creator of @RocketeerCMS, @xivui & @WarcraftUI. UI/UX designer & developer since 1998

ID 140649

Barbara Lippe

Founder. Art Director. Launched mobile app Area Now. Game industry conference planner. Worked @ startups in Tokyo & Vienna. Speaker @ MIT, GDC, Gamescom. PhD.

ID 338125

Callum Chapman

Visual designer specialising in user experience & interface design for startup companies. Founder of @traveltrooper & @dotgrid-company.

ID 682082

Caroline Soalhat

Full Stack Web Developer. Front-end and Back-end Web Development. Ruby on Rails, JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, SQL, Git, AWS, Heroku

ID 85376

Gabriele Muse

Design-driven startupper. Founder of @aidyn. Former UX Director of @circleme. ex @ActivearkJWT, ex @mit.

ID 515437

Walter Carvalho

Recent Computer Science Graduate. Developer @gitter.

ID 34855

Nicoletta Donadio

Founder, Web designer & Social Media Strategist at Fanchimp

ID 342314

Daniel Nieuwenhuizen

Design & Art Director. Industrial Designer, Ex-Coder. Passionate about product development. Currently at R/GA and working on @daytrippr, have been at @qwiki.

ID 142761

Jens Nikolaus

I design digital products and services. Co-founder of @you-the-gang. Formerly at, Edenspiekermann, Amen and more. Started up.front

ID 307038

Mike Nagle

Designer of digital things. Recovering scientist and journalist.

ID 77763

Antonio Pratas

Webdesigner since 2005, co-founder at @unplugg. Currently at @vibrant-media. Previously at @eurorscg, @burocratik. MSc in Multimedia design.

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