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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in London.

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ID 119802

Tom Bowles

Oxford PhD, AI and Machine Learning, Worked at @precog, @university-of-oxford • Studied at @oxford-university

ID 231957

Nicolas Esteves

Tech lead at @osper, Studied at @joseph-fourier-university

ID 663590

David Horak

Studied at @wharton-school @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-edinburgh •

ID 82041

George Voulgaris

Founder @fallingelephant, @startigniter • Partner @taggzy • Worked at @visionmobile, @logicom • Studied at @university-of-bristol, @cardiff-university

ID 531739

Angel Garbayo

Senior backend developer

ID 515437

Walter Carvalho

Recent Computer Science Graduate. Developer @gitter.

ID 7063

Raoul Tawadey

CEO of @readwave - mixing science and arts: from UCL but worked as a script reader in film production. Product orientated.

ID 682082

Caroline Soalhat

Full Stack Web Developer. Front-end and Back-end Web Development. Ruby on Rails, JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, SQL, Git, AWS, Heroku

ID 196922

Edd Morgan

I type random characters into a text editor and somehow it ends up as code.

ID 451029

Antonio Borrero Granell

Web Developer at Bridge U.

ID 290443

Sam Cohan

Berkeley MFE, Waterloo Comp Eng, International Experience Designing & Developing World Class Software Systems, Analytics Platforms, and Predictive Models

ID 285803

Jesus Hernandez

Engineer @lyst. MSc EECS graduate Madrid + Chicago.

ID 10708

Berislav Lopac

Web developer since 1995, working with startups since 2005. Expert in product development and Web applications technology (incl. front and back-end, APIs etc).

ID 538290

Federico Bucchi

Front End Engineer, UXD

ID 89782

Tarko Tikan

Network and unix hacker. 10y of experience in both operational and design of Service Provider networks. Co-founder and Tech of @pult.

ID 409414

Hamilton Chapman

Developer at Pusher. BSc Maths University of York

ID 123417

James Robinson

Co-founder and mobile architect of @opensignal. Data mining and modelling at @tesco. Masters in Physics/Philosophy & prizes from @oxford-university.

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