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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in London.

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ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 493874

Jay Patani


Analyst at EC1 Capital, an early stage $15m web and mobile tech investment firm based in London.

ID 210937

Jonathan Tam


Investor @superfly, @locality-1, @crowdmob, @down-by-bang-with-friends , @netplenish, @vandal-games,

ID 37738

Yannick Roux


Corporate Development at @momondo-group. Previously at @forward-internet-group. Occasional angel investor.

ID 239709

Nicolas Perard


Worked at @ariadne-capital, @dn-capital • Studied at @ecole-centrale-paris, @universite-paris-dauphine,

ID 188147

Nick Levine

Founder @tack-tack-tack, @on-the-fringe • Worked at @soundcloud, @bright-grahame-murray • Studied at @cass-business-school, @university-of-sussex

ID 148506

Gary Sheynkman


Director of Ad-Ventures @carrot-creative . Before: Corporate Development @ @kit-digital. 4 years: ~100-1500 people, NASDAQ IPO, 12 acquisitions, 4 Secondaries.

ID 56878

Salim Mitha


Euro+US experience: Mobile [email protected] Interactive; [email protected]; [email protected] Europe; [email protected] Graduate School of Business; @Silicon Beach

ID 52736

Jose Cobian


ID 190558

Toby Coppel


Worked at @mosaic-ventures @allen & Company, @goldman-sachs • Studied at @harvard-university, @oxford-university

ID 5517

Philipp Moehring


Europe @angellist. Previously Principal @seedcamp. Startup's little helper in Europe. Connecting Berlin, London, and San Francisco.

ID 141430

Christian Faes


Co-Founder @lendinvest; Founder @montello-capital-partners; ex-lawyer

ID 22400

William Guttman


Founder at Panopto, Acrobatiq, Acatar. Chairman at Axioma, Redzone, USLiner. GP at TL Ventures, Saturn Partners, and TNCV.

ID 332345

Anand Appulingam


Founder @atacama-capital-partners • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @united-states-army • Investor @activereplay, @hitch • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 412875

Chris de Sibert


Worked at @hsbc, @bank-of-america • Studied at @tufts-university

ID 211485

Pogos Saiadian


Worked at @goldman-sachs, @silver-lake-partners • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 10245

Scott Sage


VC at @dfj-esprit; Angel Investor & Startup Advisor

ID 232839

Meeta Gournay


ID 96211

James Giancotti


Former Mgmt Consultant @deloitte-consulting then Investment Banker. @goldman-sachs Invested @connect @taxiwise-1 Co-Founder @bigcolors

ID 357181

Nick Lally

ID 560040

Guzmán Díaz

Finance at Hailo

ID 329755

Tiago Teixeira Correia

Business oriented LBS MiM 2012. Founder of college consulting start-up. Knowledge-junkie and TEDxYouth speaker. Worked at Amazon, CNN and PwC.

ID 139353

Joshua Greene

currently Managing Director - Tech / Experience Design / Finance / Team Leadership / Product / Marketing / Operations background

ID 329046

Jessica Lee

Former Office Mommy and Purveyor of All at @okcupid. Internationally minded, multilingual, and a quick and avid adopter of grand ideas. Teach me something new!

ID 320637

David Serafini


ID 427530

Mark Whitcroft


Exec in Res @startupbootcamp-fintech. Past mentor @valuestream-labs & @nyc-fintech-innovation-lab. Early stage investor, particularly FinTech

ID 115072

David Bergendahl


Worked at @slated, @merrill-lynch • Studied at @duke-university • Happiest when helping leaders see from a different perspective

ID 335264

Dhruv Ghulati

Data Analyst, Angel Investor, LSE Economist, @paybygroup, @hello Fresh, @davidmerrill Lynch, Hackathon (@LendMeIt, @ThredThat), NACUE Business Plan winner (GoPort!)

ID 535809

Ian Sutherland

Entrepreneurial CFO/COO with significant experience in early stage VC backed businesses.

ID 328182

Hiten Patel

FD - High Growth Businesses

ID 163488

Trent Hawthorne

Former banker, now entrepreneur. I've worked with KYCK's talented Founder Mac Lackey for 7 years, & I try to enable him to do what he does best. Servant leader.

ID 179077

David Anderson

Run Operations & Finance at @songkick. Worked at @google and OC&C Strategy Consultants • Studied at @university-of-cambridge

ID 89958

Harjee Singh


Investment Analyst @generation-investment-management. Co-Founder & Director @t-e-z-renewable.

ID 519883

Helena Malchione

Strategy & analytics at MarketInvoice. Finance background (Morgan Stanley). Art interest (Yale Art Gallery). Fluent Mandarin, French. Yale BA 2012, HBS MBA 2018

ID 423930

Jonathan Savoir


Co-founder & CEO @quincus Advisor, Director and Investor @race-yourself, @arcstone-pte-ltd • Studied at @imperial-college-london-1 , @insead-1

ID 102207

Federico Samuelly


Financial analyst @ Amazon. Tech passionate with experience in several analytical roles in startups, big tech companies and private equity funds.

ID 78699

Sébastien Flury

Co-Founder & CEO Coteries. Energetic. Blogger at Top 300 most influential people in Switzerland. Studied @university of Lausanne & Karlsruhe

ID 642086

Stephen Oldroyd

British corporate finance professional. Strong international business background - worked in Investment Banking at @goldman-sachs in both London and New York

ID 529783

Allister Furey

Summer Associate @Balderton Capital, Director @kite-power-solutions-ltd , Co-Founder @mono Clothing. PhD Artificial Intelligence. Analyst @kpmg, @hsbc.

ID 54028

Garrett MacDonald

Works @kochava • Founder @inertube, @the-secession-artist-group • @strikead, @AmEx @nextel, @nordstrom • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 249577

Paul Anderson

Founder @guevara, @jfloat-1 • Worked at @macquarie-bank, @macquarie-group • Studied at @university-of-western-australia

ID 497887

Tushar Agarwal

Co-founder & CEO @ Spacious. 2013 Cohort @entrepreneur-first . 2 years M&A Investment Banking @greenhill-co Economics @lse

ID 87883

Rob Carter

Start-up ops and finance specialist. Reformed E&Y accountant. Likes spreadsheets. Neophile. @bookingbug. Amateur Mixologist. Mentor.

ID 14385

David West Smith

ID 227103

David Semmens, CFA, FRM

Economist Executive MBA student @university-of-cambridge

ID 675150

Ryan Collins

12+ yrs experience, CS BSc, Psych MSc, strong finance background (GS, RBS), broad knowledge front-to-back across ops, technology, sales, biz dev and marketing

ID 22351

Hadi Laasi

Founder of Stylect. Graduate of Startup Institute. Former Techstars Hacker in residence. Design, analytics, hacking and traveling make me happy :)

ID 719019

Tony Xhufi

ID 606078

Joseph Fenton

Physicist, entrepreneur and corporate financier; developed a number of successful websites and apps; masters degree in physics; chartered accountant

ID 100720

Nikhil Mulchandani

Founder @Clickin' Keep Scoring • , Partner at @ixora-ventures Investor @alma-connect @Learnpedia Edutech @instaveritas Alum at @ie [email protected] Warwick

ID 721153

Jonathan Chappell

A final year Economics and Geography student at UCL. Worked at Satago, Mustang Renewable Power Ventures and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

ID 118162

David Meinhart

COO. Strong technical, finance and product background.

ID 227274

Stephan von Perger


Early stage tech VC @wellington-partners, previously @citymapper, @stylistpick-2, @mckinsey-company . CompSci @university-of-oxford-1

ID 489206

Igor Pilic

Business development for private and government organizations. Co-founder of HeySuccess LTD, in charge of operations and finances.

ID 113890

Robert Hurst


Founder @audio-network • Worked at @pwc-1, @pearson • Studied at @insead-1, @university-of-bath

ID 133810

Sebastian Sutherland

Head of Innovation at Apptivation, engineering undergrad, LBS MBA 2012, advisor to startups around London as well as playing with ideas in the smart home space

ID 215675

Blake Bible


Co-Founder @stackd • Co-Founder @chefler • Founder @startingbloc • Mergers & Acquisitions @dresdner-kleinwort • Studied @northwestern-university-1

ID 116513

James Taylor


Online Education Entrepreneur, Marketer and Dealmaker.

ID 163739

Jacek Kozera


Worked at @google, @b-to-v-partners and DuMont Venture now Consultant @commerzbank-ag-frankfurt-am-main-germany

ID 95158

Mike Callow

Investor and entrepreneur with Q Ventures - the private investor network arm of Quintessentially. We co-invest and lead early stage UK growth businesses.

ID 541042

Christopher Obereder

CEO at T & O Applications GmbH (official partner of Microsoft), worked at Deutsche Bank, Student speaker, Scholar, Marketing Manager at Kairos Society.

ID 91475

Matthieu Lattes

Partner @ader-finance,Founder @isograd • Worked @jpmorgan-chase, @bnp-paribas @bertelsmann • Studied at @hec-paris. Lecturer @essec.Food, Running & Photo addict

ID 405385

Richard Goodrum

Operational rainmaker with strong business development experience. Expert drone pilot.

ID 364987

Sven Elstermann

Product Leader (prev. Motorola / Google), Advertising Expert, Doer & Achiever, Mobile Pioneer, 'The un-comfort zone is my elixir'

ID 720838

Roger Willis

Durham CS, Chartered Accountant, Software Developer, Bitcoin Enthusiast

ID 102190

Nic Gorini


With over 15 years of diversified experience in the Technology, Telecom & Creative Industries, Nic has undertaken a variety of challenges from founding, investing and driving growth in a variety of disruptive start-ups to managing global businesses.

ID 401873

Chad Hagan


1st startup at 18...- now business services and investments primarily - digital, deployment and fintech expert....Law & LLM

ID 380740

Youri Jedlinski

CEO & Founder @simplib. Passionate entrepreneur and creator with a strong product designer background. Track record over 3 years' experience in design firms.

ID 281063

Ben Holfeld

Mobile App Expert

ID 247188

James O'Day


CEO and co-founder of Pearlshare. Previously worked @bcg and @intuit

ID 341188

Theodore Mollinger


CFO. Experienced in O&G and Shipping. Angel investor.

ID 242113

Vytautas Karalevičius

Founder Spectro Finance • Worked at @bloomberg • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @durham-university-1

ID 865031

Tom Haywood, CFA

ID 376321

Andy Whittaker


@barclays Director of Digital @ebay Product manager @dogwoof Founder. I specialise in scaling digital businesses. Looking for creative start-ups to grow.

ID 386815

Megan Bingham-Walker

Co-Founder of @eccentric-data-ltd • Worked @WHEB Capital Partners LLP • co-organiser of @CleanwebUK • Studied @university-of-cambridge

ID 126536

Anu Chandra

[email protected], @london-business-school School MBA, @edinburgh CS

ID 78511

Lydia Cánovas

PhD student at UV (Spain) researching about Tech Companies and Business Incubators. CEO of Yarakseed, Seed Accelerator company.

ID 663590

David Horak

Studied at @wharton-school @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-edinburgh •

ID 242920

Ivan Lenev


Investor, Advisor & Entrepreneur

ID 258483

Peter Chapman

Founder & CEO @ediply | MA Grad @ebs-oestrich-winkel, @hku @rmit-university | Lived in Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Jakarta, SF | Ed-Tech

ID 198686

Giovanni Giuseppe Savini

Innovation consultant and entrepreneur. Founder and CEO @ondamove. Founder and Financial Manager @CascinaMora. Innovation Analyst @BIP Financial Services

ID 164755

James Knight


ID 312487

Sebastián Caronni

Investor at seed stage. Technology startups fan. Expertise in finance, business development & fund raising.

ID 309170

Farouk Khan


CFO @bnbboat Worked with @itochu-gmbh @celeste - Hedge Fund @navi-group-oy

ID 710633

Adam Debowski

Intern at Google, Masters in Finance at LBS 2014, Computer Engineering at U of T 2007

ID 266666

Daniel Axsater


Now Co-Founder & Managing Director @bystored • Co-Founder & Ex CEO @cronlab • Time @bain-company, @ge-capital • Investor @wizee • Studied @harvard-university, @lund-university

ID 811168

Sonsoles Piñar

Founder Yubyap • Worked at @siemens, @schlumberger • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @hec-paris

ID 442027

Simone Cimminelli


Investment company CEO. Angel for London based early-stage companies. Member of a club deal called Club degli Investitori. iStarter accelerator Mentor.

ID 65477

Ben Rometsch


Director at Solid State Group Director at Hoxton Mix

ID 390998

Cesar Ortega

CFO and co-founder of SKARA, a new genre of video games that will revolutionize the social fighting landscape.

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