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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in London.

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ID 38782

Jake Fuentes

Founder/CEO at Level. Former Emerging Products @visa. Data nerd. @stanford grad.

ID 42365

Kenneth Wyche

Founder of @glittergates-corp, The go to business guy. Over 20 yrs investing in start-up companies. Advisor, Investor, Deep Thinker from beginning to the end.

ID 45044

Xen Lategan


London based. Ex-Googler, Ex-CTO for News Corporation. Now I advise, invest in various startups and run my own companies.

ID 13780

Mario Branciforti


Hands-on strategist and investor with 10+ years' experience in corporate development and startups across SaaS, software, internet security, semi and mobile.

ID 58142

Darren Patterson


Investor @ Puntclub @lumific Team @bridgelane-group Chief Operating Officer & Investor at @datasift Inc @yahoo

ID 166935

James Olden


An ideas man. Direct my own. Invest in others. A GTM strategist working with the teams looking to take innovative, benefit-driven, propositions to market.

ID 43348

Jack Leeney


Strategic venture capital arm of Telefonica Digital based in London, Madrid and Silicon Valley focused on technology investing.

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