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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in London.

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ID 384864

Lucy Stonehill

Founder of ed-tech SaaS startup @bridgeu serving globally mobile students • Studied at @dartmouth-college

ID 280516

Horia Cernusca

Sometimes a designer, sometimes an entrepreneur, sometimes dancing. I put blurry photos on CEO and co-founder of

ID 95869

Jason Green


Currently working as CTO at Wimdu, Rocket Internet in Berlin, Germany

ID 614579

Mark Val

GM Europe PlayFab. Opened offices for @unity & @ubisoft. Ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, award-winning developer with 15 years of experience.

ID 21216

Armine Saidi

CEO & Co-founder of @wicastr ;CEO & Founder of @viinyl ; CMO @musigram ; Founder @NekenDigital

ID 193333

Hamish Brocklebank


Loves building companies, great products, strong teams and automating sales. Co-founder of @docsperfect, @flooved and most recently founder or @portent-io

ID 719471

Alastair Paterson

Founder and CEO @digital-shadows . Previously @detica @bae-systems @hp-labs @imagination-technologies

ID 485350

Vishal Sahu

Co-Founder & CTO at Investly

ID 5650

Gregory Kris


Founder @decibel-music-systems, @your-md

ID 46983

Kevin McDonagh

CEO @novoda offering the world's foremost Android expertise and Organiser @droidcon a global conference celebrating the Android platform.

ID 57114

Andrew Hughes

Passionate start-up CEO, multiple exits, industry association founder, mentor, public speaker, writer, cook and dad

ID 478916

Adam Carrigan

Founder @real-life-analytics Studied @university-of-cambridge

ID 286358

Adrian Rands

CEO and co-founder of QuanTemplate. 10 years of reinsurance, financial modelling and financial trading experience.

ID 261426

Sean Shapcott


After selling my company in 2011 I took some time off and spent it with family. 

ID 479455

Jack Tang

CEO of @UrbanMassage. 1st startup @thestudentjob-com. Acqui-hired into Daily Mail Group.

ID 2650

William Roberts

Founder/CEO Founder @brian-industries, @dropwines-com • 3rd time entrepreneur. Focus on ecommerce/SaaS tech.

ID 201846

Justin Golshir


• • Hustle in my DNA • • CEO of @justgo • • Worked at @us-senate @lehman-brothers , @dubai-international-capital , @gi-partners

ID 102410

Ladislav Martincik

Tech lead at @foundum-s-l

ID 143268

Tim Fouracre


Founder of Clear Books online accounting software

ID 155162

Shannon Edwards

CEO @styloko • Writer • Started @fashionrocks-com • Worked @popsugar @ebay @netflix • Non-Exec & FRSA • Studied @cornell-university @northwestern-university-1

ID 56825

Boaz Cohen


Co-Founder & CEO @ eRated. Served as a Developer in the IDF Air-Force. High business & tech orientation. Holds a Dual BA in Law & Business, IDC, Israel (2014).

ID 84330

Juan Manuel Fernández Lobato


CEO of BaseKit co-founder Ebury CEO (sold to carlyle CEPT in 2008) EM Mckinsey&Company London

ID 189926

Edward Relf


Award Winning Digital Entrepreneur, Executive, Digital Marketer & Active Investor. Find out more at

ID 88198

David Mytton

Founder & CEO Server Density, Python programmer, first ever customer of MongoDB, alumni Seedcamp '09, tea taster

ID 831818

Daniel Topel

Founder & CEO @netmovies (acq. Movies4us) • Worked at @ilog (acq. IBM), Applied Decision Analysis (acq. PwC) • Studied @stanford, @imperial College

ID 128957

Cally Russell

CEO of Mallzee, the Personal Shopper in your pocket! Marketing mind and scaling enthusiast.....

ID 660875

Ian Wilding

Co-founder of Join Sam - a market disruption that will bring every kid everywhere the opportunity to save money and build a sustainable life

ID 311378

Rudolph van Valkenburg

Founder & CEO @artquid, The Art Market Online

ID 534647

Ry Morgan

Founder @pleasecycle • Worked at @tbwa, @curb-media • Studied at @university-of-st-andrews (1st Class Honours) • Successful/Profitable pet project in Social.

ID 579338

Scott Burton

Founder Tedbets • Studied at @kwantlen-university-college, @royal-roads-university

ID 225352

Marcin Piątkowski

Founder JAM Vehicles Ltd • Studied at @london-business-school, @university-college-london

ID 15982

Zoltan Csaki

Reformed advertising creative. Co-Founder @The-Affair. Previously Founder @moodshare. Immigrant on multiple occasions.

ID 570375

Rachel Lyubovitzky

Founder @ontimeworks, @searchfeed-com Investor. Mentor. Studied at @brandeis-university, @wharton-business-school World traveler. Having fun building!

ID 510889

Björn Wanbo

Founder @fytns • Worked at @vungle • Studied at @king-s-college-london-1

ID 457790

Tony Hunter

Founder and CEO of Lighthouse • Worked at @morgan-stanley • Studied at @university-of-kent

ID 508850

Evgeny Likhoded

Founder ClauseMatch • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @gazprom • Studied at @university-of-exeter, @university-of-rennes-1

ID 680471

jonny biggins

Making the world feel good one book at a time

ID 455328

Abhinandan Balasubramanian


startupbootcamp graduate, serial tech entrepreneur,  [email protected], [email protected]

ID 13538

Umar Akram

I build. Founded and led "pre-iphone and android app store" start up.

ID 85185

Jenny Griffiths

Founder of @snap-fashion - software engineer turned tech entrepreneur.

ID 283641

Kuba Kostecki

Enterprise Tech. Founder @globeshifts @compassionatefare others. Studied at @fordham-university & @warsaw-school-of-economics @built-in-colorado-2 @denver

ID 13824

Pavel Ciobanu

Founder and CEO at Graduated Academy Of Economic Studies and Computer Science! Strong business background. Founder at

ID 419584

Saul Gowens

Worked in loyalty programmes for 15 years (mostly ME). Founded Websand to put this experience into a marketing platform to make businesses smarter.

ID 129952

David Clark

An Englishman in Estonia, doing smart things with sensor & drone tech for oil & gas while building bridges between the UK and the Baltic region. #innovation

ID 417807

Alessandro Macri

Worked at @dell, @xerox • Studied at @university-of-naples-parthenope

ID 302193

Daniel O'Reilly

Founder @learncube @inthis, @teamisto

ID 561627

Marian Dusan


Founder @luly-inc, @luly-inc • Studied at @columbia-university

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