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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in London.

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ID 660875

Ian Wilding

Co-founder of Join Sam - a market disruption that will bring every kid everywhere the opportunity to save money and build a sustainable life

ID 675150

Ryan Collins

12+ yrs experience, CS BSc, Psych MSc, strong finance background (GS, RBS), broad knowledge front-to-back across ops, technology, sales, biz dev and marketing

ID 141137

David Feldt

Founder & CEO of @JazLabs. Digital Innovator. Entrepreneur. Builder. Guide. Proud Father.

ID 553743

Nawid Ali-Abbassi

Purpose: Connecting the dots /// Experienced building products, brands and organizations.

ID 558243

Tobias Heger

Tobias is head of the Idea Challenge, a European startup contest initiated by EIT ICT Labs and an active business angel investing in IT and logistics startups.

ID 63466

David Murray-Hundley 'The Grumpy Entrepreneur'


Commerce One $22bn Market Cap, First dot com boom @linkedin European Business Leader Of the Year Winner Smarta 100 winner TechWorld Winner Mentor for Level39

ID 11298

Mark Zaleski

Investor in The Martingale, @wikimart-ru, @dailymotion, @stylistpick, @digitouch.

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