London Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in London.

Meet 2550 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in London

ID 38644

Andrew Lacy


Founder @ Zaptravel. ex-SVP Disney Mobile at @the-walt-disney-company; Cofounder & COO of @tapulous

ID 57495

Christian Hernandez


Managing Partner @white-star-capital . Formerly Platform @facebook , Biz Dev @google , @microsoft , Product @microstrategy .

ID 216439

Saad AlSogair


Investing in what matters, not in what's predictable. Over 70 investments on @angellist. Executive Manager @elite-derma-care.

ID 24675

Andy McLoughlin


Co-founder @huddle. Investor @postmates, @bugsnag, @intercom, @apiary-1 , @pipedrive, @buffer, @thread + more. Product, brand, go-to-market. MRR excites me.

ID 148463

Jos White

Entrepreneur turned investor. Co-founder of RBR Networks, Star & MessageLabs. Investor with Notion Capital & Daring Journey Ventures.

ID 169703

Eric Martineau-Fortin


Founder and Managing Partner @white-star-capital • Investor @betaworks, @science, @execution-labs, @bloglovin, @dollar-shave-club

ID 49272

Tom Hulme


General Partner Google Ventures Europe, Founder & Board Director &, Advisor at IDEO

ID 67479

Jose Marin


Angel Investor @olx @delivery-hero @getaround @beepi @zesty-1 & +125 others in the US and across the Globe

ID 79014

Michael Birch


Co-founder at @monkey-inferno. CEO/Founder of @bebo. Viral marketing/product guy.

ID 126897

Michael Acton Smith


CEO of @mind-candy and creator of Moshi Monsters

ID 69966

Taavet Hinrikus


Co-Founder @ @transferwise, previously helped build @skype as 1st employee

ID 56878

Salim Mitha


Euro+US experience: Mobile [email protected] Interactive; [email protected]; [email protected] Europe; [email protected] Graduate School of Business; @Silicon Beach

ID 189886

Alexander Asseily


Founder @jawbone (Aliph), State • Investor @general-assembly, @luluvise • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 290484

David Szekely


Investor @white-star-capital

ID 228643

Shakil Khan


ID 18649

Alex Hoye


Co-founder - Faction Skis Chairman / Collaborator - Runway East, Skimlinks, ICE (a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to accelerating one another)

ID 194917

John Henderson


Personal angel investor. Principal at White Star Capital • Previously @summly, @facebook • Studied at @london-business-school

ID 57147

Mattias Ljungman


VC tech investor, investing in entrepreneurship, searching for disruptive business models

ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 144546

Vikrant Bhargava


Entrepreneur, investor

ID 9505

Jude Gomila


Founder @heyzap, YC/Cantab Alum. Portfolio: @zenpayroll @transcriptic @indinero @bugsnag @angellist @videopixie @zesty-1 @benchling @Ginkgo @matterfab @bloc

ID 1522

Mareza Larizadeh


Founder/CEO, pulsd Gramercy Park Capital GP, Red Swan Ventures Cofounder at @doostang Principal at DFJ ePlanet Ventures Analyst, Credit Trading at Merrill Lynch

ID 11354

Jimmy Wales


Founder, @wikipedia and @wikia

ID 18556

Spencer Lazar


Investor in @bonobos, @birchbox, @qriously, @rovio, @silverrail-technologies, @3p-learning-mathletics, @genarts.

ID 664

Andrew S. Reis


Serial entrepreneur turned investor always looking for passionate entrepreneurs and amazing teams!

ID 1133

Alex Gezelius


Co-Founder @artstack Principal at @index-ventures

ID 7601

Martin Mignot


Early stage investor at @index-ventures in London. Looking to connect with great entrepreneurs.

ID 873

Oleg Tscheltzoff


Founder and CEO at Fotolia, Investor at BeyondTheRack, UpNext,, songpop, @mindsnacks...

ID 5355

Yee Lee


4x founder, over 20 angel investments, 8 acquisition exits and an IPO. Prior teams: @paypal, @slide, @skype , @google , @taskrabbit

ID 10660

Tom Allason


Founder @shutl acquired by @ebay '13 - now head up eBay local. Also founded @ecourier-co-uk.

ID 4555

Net Jacobsson


Co-founder & General Partner @sparklabs-global-ventures & @sparklabs Accelerator in Seoul. Former Executive at @facebook. Father of 4. Mountain Biker.

ID 1911

Amir Banifatemi


Managing partner at  @k5vp.and Bayspring Group. Board Member and Emeritus President at @tech-coast-angels. Passionate product and go-to-market strategist

ID 1462

Sean Seton-Rogers


General Partner at PROfounders Capital

ID 1797

Danny Rimer


Partner at @index-ventures

ID 726

Fred Destin


Partner at @accel-partners

ID 2831

Bernard Liautaud


Investor in @mysql, @talend, @scansafe.

ID 2206

Kirill Makharinsky


Sweat: Ostrovok, Quid, YouNoodle, Slide. Equity: AngelList, Robotex, Fab, OkPanda, Sharepractice, Tokbox, Oxford graduate.

ID 2155

Ryan Moore


VC at @atlas-venture. Co-founded @grandbanks-capital. Believe in service-based approach for entrepreneurs. @princeton-university graduate.

ID 8797

Jonathan Nelson


Hacking Silicon Valley. Founder @hackers_and_founders

ID 2719

Christine Tsai


Managing Partner at 500 Startups. Ex-Googler & ex-YouTuber. Left-handed. Ballet dancer of ~25 yrs. Go Bears.

ID 458

Nick Brown


Partner at SPA Investments Consumer Internet Venture Fund (stage agnostic)

ID 2820

Edward Shenderovich


Managing Director at Kite Ventures

ID 120527

Joshua B Siegel


General Partner Rubicon VC, Co-Chairman @gtownangels, Worked at @citigroup, @overseas-private-investment-corporation-opic, Studied at @georgetown-university, @boston-university

ID 146090

Blaine Cook


Present: Co-founder at Poetica. Past: Founding Engineer at Twitter, created OAuth.

ID 119556

Yen Fu


London NY; investor @fundersclub @yourmechanic @life360 @jawbone @beep @spatch @equityzen @airhelp @vastrm , [email protected] BarclaysAccel @fundersclub panel

ID 53147

Meyer Malka


Entrepreneur by design and Investor at heart, focused on the utilization of technology to disrupt consumer financial services. Founder of @ribbit-capital

ID 610

Saul Klein


husband. dad. serial entrepreneur (firefly, @lovefilm, @seedcamp-2). operator (wpp, msft, @skype). investor (index, TAG)

ID 110

Robin Klein


Partner, The Accelerator Group (TAG), Index Seed

ID 45249

Alexander Pak


Investment Director at TMT Investments, Plc. MBA Kingston University. Passionate about Mobile, Cloud, Scalability, Revenue-focused solutions.

ID 563

Robert Moffat


Principal at @balderton-capital (formerly Benchmark Europe). Previously at Google. Investing early stage in high potential online/tech/media companies in Europe

ID 32

Roberto Bonanzinga


Former Partner at @balderton-capital (Benchmark Europe)

ID 20827

Doug Monro


Founder @adzuna • Exec team at @ebay, @zoopla , @gumtree • Studied at Kellogg School of Management, Cambridge

ID 409

Sean Park


Investor, entrepreneur, thinker. Dad, husband. Skier.

ID 12567

Sitar Teli


Partner @connect-ventures. Focus on early-stage product/design led companies. I led DHTV's investment in @soundcloud and am also an investor in @pact-1, @citymapper and @readwave . Duke Engineering, 2001

ID 12362

Damien C. Tanner


SaaS obsessed. Co-founder of MediaCore and Pusher. Part-time angel. TechStars mentor.

ID 54

Benjamin Ling


GP at @khosla-ventures, Sr Director Search Products @google • Sr Director of Partnerships, Content & Platforms @youtube • Director of Platform @facebook

ID 134742

Christian Lawless


Founder @conversion-capital

ID 626851

M Johannes


Engineering CFA

ID 126807

Nina Pustilnik


Worked at @mckinsey-company, @sony-pictures-entertainment • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 56408

Jason Ball


Early stage VC, part of @qualcomm-ventures. Focused on mobile first, mobile only and uniquely mobile co's @waze @blippar @everplaces @wrapp @grand Cru

ID 480855

Tibor Nagygyörgy


Founder @x-ventures, @biggeorge-s-holding • Investor @realty-mogul • Studied at @london-business-school, @nottingham-trent-university MBA, MSc Re, Serial entrepreneur, investor.

ID 107602

David Gardner


Founder @london-venture-partners • Worked as EVP/COO @electronic-arts, • CEO @atari • Studied at @london-business-school

ID 89571

Sumon Sadhu


My track record is to be very early and pick profitably. Early Investor/Advisor @urx @benchling @zesty-1 @abacus @cleartax @framed-data etc Started @quid (Backed by Founders Fund, Peter Thiel, SV Angel etc). Oxford, Imperial College London, and YC alum. 

ID 300465

Alexandre Sagakian


Currently Director of TechStars London 2013. Entrepreneur & Angel investor. Founded (sold to Bolloré Group). MBA from Essec Business School.

ID 417447

Lance G Johnson


Advisor & Investor in Boulder/NYC/SF. Former Head of Corp Dev MIH Naspers (Tencent, & GM Mobile @yahoo VP @nokia Fulbright Scholar in Economics.

ID 72840

Khaled Helioui


CEO at @bigpoint & angel investor focusing on disruptive consumer facing businesses.

ID 280723

Shukri Shammas


Partner @initial-capital. Previously: Chairman / co-founder @playfish, co-founder @glumobile

ID 96

Eileen Burbidge


Partner at @passion-capital and Co-founder @white-bear-yard (London). Online identities: Eileen Tso, Eileen Broch, Eileen Burbidge

ID 19764

Raghav Gupta


Investor in @8tracks, @mocospace, @ayla. Advisor to @8tracks.

ID 143444

Floris Rost van Tonningen


Cofounder & chief product of social network Hyves and investing community IEX. Currently investor in startups, mostly Europe.

ID 21183

Christian Thaler-Wolski


Early stage investor at @wellington-partners, mentor at Seedcamp, advisor to tech companies.Know a thing about SaaS metrics, pricing strategy and building a sales team.

ID 65492

Renaud Visage


Co-Founder & CTO of Eventbrite. Mentor at seedcamp, startupbootcamp, lecamping, techpeaks. Advisor to European startups.

ID 151465

Jeremy Yap


i'm just happy to be here

ID 61248

Joe Cohen


Founder of @seatwave, Launched & ran intl business at Angel investor @hailocab @sofarsounds @totems @atosho @hype

ID 1810

Richard Muirhead


Managing Partner @firestartr, also @fanatix @london-labs @tideway-systems @orchestream • Worked at @accel-partners, @monitor-group • Engineering at @university-of-cambridge

ID 607

Stefan Glaenzer


Founder @passion-capital, @white-bear-yard. First investor and exec chairman @lastfm and @mendeley, named best angel investor in Europe by @techcrunch-europe .

ID 97106

Chris Grew


Partner @orrick advising technology companies in Europe

ID 22400

William Guttman


Founder at Panopto, Acrobatiq, Acatar. Chairman at Axioma, Redzone, USLiner. GP at TL Ventures, Saturn Partners, and TNCV.

ID 5517

Philipp Moehring


Europe @angellist. Previously Principal @seedcamp. Startup's little helper in Europe. Connecting Berlin, London, and San Francisco.

ID 2828

Harry Briggs


Principal at @balderton-capital (formerly Benchmark Europe)

ID 48246

Ben Tompkins


20 years in tech investing and exits in US and Europe. Partner at @eden-ventures. Over 75 tech M&A exits as an advisory, 30+ investments as an angel/VC.

ID 98510

Peter Read


Angel investor and advisor

ID 95984

Scott Gallacher


Director of The Aston Group

ID 86264

Carlos Eduardo Espinal


Partner at Micro-Seed fund @seedcamp, investor in 100+ awesome companies, mobile tech lover & blogger. Alumni of @doughty-hanson-technology-ventures, @nyse Euronext @carnegie-mellon-university, @babson-college

ID 53748

Anusha Su

Venture Partner, Business Leader, Dancer, Strategist. Connecting the dots is what I do best

ID 165446

Frederic Court


Backing passionate tech entrepreneurs with venture capital and loving it, Digital Commerce focus, including @zong, @vitrue, @farfetch, @qype @ubiquisys @Bof #Social #eCommerce #SaaS #Fashion #Mobile

ID 539496

Joseph Nachman


SVP of Revenue for Yelp Inc..... been there since early 2007. Currently in London but moving back to the Bay Area in August of 2014.

ID 67394

Alex Khein


CEO/Director BlueBay Asset Management (London); previously at Morgan Stanley. Cornell Ph.D. Physics

ID 11142

Damian Manning


Hacker, investor & serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO, @hifi. Venture Partner, @dev. Co-founder & CEO, @echospin (acquired '10). VP, Digital, MTV. 6 patents.

ID 3422

Richard D. Titus


Founder @prompt-ly @razorfish (LA), @schematic, Digital business unit leader @bbc & @DailyMail Pre-IPO investor: @facebook, @tesla-motors @razorfish Entrepreneur, coach, angel, Chairman, Board member, CEO, adventurer, documentary filmmaker, & raconteur.

ID 57639

Tamer Hassanein


President/CEO @timeline, [email protected] Tide Fund, Mentor @wearable-world-labs and @techwadi-org. Global nomad, entrepreneur, investor, loyal human.

ID 68840

Alexander Elenskiy


Investor @genomera @retrofit @ringadoc @seedcamp @teledoctor @medevo @voximplant

ID 8251

Reshma Sohoni


Co-Founder & Partner @seedcamp. Invested in 120+ startups. Worked @vodafone eVentures India, Broadview. @insead-1 MBA, @university-of-pennsylvania Eng & Bus.

ID 42388

Aman Ghei


Venture capital investor focusing on Internet, digital media and software investments at Accel.

ID 32981

Paul Heydon


Founder @london-venture-partners, @avista-partners • Worked at @commerzbank, @ing-barings • Investor @unity-technologies, @supercell

ID 33560

Emma Fiszman


ID 14592

Avi Eyal


Founded and exited 7 businesses over 15 yrs. now involved at a venture capital firm called Entreé Capital

ID 210937

Jonathan Tam


Investor @superfly, @locality-1, @crowdmob, @down-by-bang-with-friends , @netplenish, @vandal-games,

ID 43088

Morten Sondergaard


Smiling Serial Investor with an appetite for disruptive bizz models

ID 156991

Chris Tottman


Founder @notion-capital @kommolsearch • Investor @tradeshift, @brightpearl

ID 37738

Yannick Roux


Corporate Development at @momondo-group. Previously at @forward-internet-group. Occasional angel investor.

ID 43713

Neil Hutchinson


Currently focused on @neon-2 my personal investment vehicle. Founder @forward-internet-group

ID 22084

Joe Neale


VC investing in mobile and related technologies globally. Principal at @m8-capital. -

ID 257387

Tim Dick


ID 2394

Rob Bailey

Currently CEO @ DataSift. Also advisor to Urban Airship, Softtech VC, Akkadian Ventures. Previously SimpleGeo, Yahoo! & USWeb CKS.

ID 166456

Simon Squibb


Angel investor-17 years in Asia-Part guru, Part student. CEO+Founder of NEST, investing in founders in Hong Kong, China + Founder of

ID 66292

Perry Blacher


Founder at @covestor.

ID 169041

Ian Hogarth


i like turtles & start-ups. particularly interested in consumer internet stuff, applied machine learning & the path to strong AI

ID 291857

Deepak I. Shahdadpuri


Founder of DSG Consumer Partners (DSGCP), an investment company focusing on identifying, selecting and investing in consumer businesses.

ID 7478

Chris Dark

Investor in @weatherbill, @last-fm, @viagogo, @fon, Rdio, @jolicloud.

ID 25548

Sal Matteis


Yahoo 2004-2011 • Headed DR Platform Mgmt @yahoo EMEA • Seeded DR Network Marketplace in EMEA (100+M $ in revenue).

ID 233675

Aneesh Reddy

Founder and CEO @capillary-technologies-1, Angel @tynker @studypad-inc @antfarm @verious-inc

ID 63024

Raj Ramanandi


Angel investor in early stage tech startups around the world, based in London. CEO of @1seed - investing, mentoring, building bridges.

ID 172091

Chrysanthos Chrysanthou


VP at Accel Partners; ex-startup BD lead at Amazon Web Services in EMEA, ex-Cisco Services/Software M&A, ex-Startup COO

ID 18412

Gareth Davies

Founded Adbrain to help advertiers reach their multi-screen consumers • Worked at Somo, @google, @doubleclick

ID 20606

Ben Metcalfe


Co-founder of @wp-engine, early @bbc News Website software engineer, founder @bbc Developer Network, occasional angel investor.

ID 33878

Sanjay Parthasarathy


Entrepreneur and investor. Founder and CEO of indix.

ID 57918

Steve Schlenker


good vc (if there is such a thing), bad golfer

ID 8356

Francis Pedraza

CEO @everest

ID 57091

Frederic Lardieg


Venture Capital at Octopus Ventures, an early-stage VC based in London. Passion for technology and mobile in particular.

ID 88974

Frank Meehan


General Partner SparkLabs Global early stage fund. Formerly Board Director for Horizons Ventures at Spotify, Siri, Summly, Affectiva, TOM Group plus more.

ID 5137

John Taysom


Investor in @the-filter, @tideway, @timetric.

ID 103311

Scott Switzer


Co-founder, CTO of @jirafe (ecommerce marketing analytics and automation). Founder, CTO of @openx (advertising platform). CTO of @unanimis (ad sales co).

ID 1022

Hussein Kanji


Partner, Hoxton Ventures

ID 180787

Rob Kniaz


Worked at @google, @intel • Investor @llustre, @campanja

ID 2669

Pietro Bezza


Founder and Managing Partner @connect Ventures. Previously Founder & Ceo of Neo Network, sold to Zodiak Media

ID 43224

Philip Wilkinson


Founder Shopgenie / @kelkoo UK (sold to @yahoo); Founder Crowdstorm (sold to @genieventures); Co-Founder @keynoir (sold to Timeout), Investor in

ID 1310

Rajat Agarwal


Investor in InternMatch, CrowdMob, Postrocket, Paybygroup

ID 5615

Mark Cummins


Co-Founder of Plink (acquired by @google); Engineer on @google Goggles; PhD in Robotics at Oxford.

ID 105466

David Lau-Kee


General Partner at @london-venture-partners

ID 230546

Dimitris Vranopoulos


angel investor, ex-banker, based in Athens/Greece

ID 56353

Tom Fleming


Partner at Venrex

ID 163775

Vipul Patel


Investor @airhelp @auctomatic @brandid @lenda @makeschool @rickshaw @status @stream-tv-networks @zesty-1

ID 18193

David Soloff


Co-founder of Premise Data Corporation. Founding CEO of Metamarkets. Agoniste.

ID 532205

Richard Chen

Venture Partner of Ceyuan Venture CEO of Yifei Investment Holding

ID 38116

Alain Falys


Investor, creator. Co-founder CEO of @Yoyo-3, @ob10 (now Tungsten Corp. $480m market cap), SVP @visa, expert in e-payments, e-commerce, social.

ID 43209

Meg He


Co-founder in stealth w/ @ninafaulhaber . Advisor @better-3 • Previously, @poshmark, @cowboy-ventures, @cloudflare • @stanford-university & @oxford-university

ID 43858

Andrew Romans


General Partner Rubicon Venture Capital / Author The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital (McGraw Hill) Twitter: @RomansVentures

ID 139065

Alexander Gerko


FX quant trader at @gsa-capital-partners

ID 46771

Emi Gal


Founder @brainient • Investor @stylitics, @blend-1, @digital-catalyst-fund, @kahla

ID 11298

Mark Zaleski

Investor in The Martingale, @wikimart-ru, @dailymotion, @stylistpick, @digitouch.

ID 62508

Maria Dramalioti-Taylor


Angel Investor, engineer, geek, mentor; Angellab founder, INSEAD EIR, xMillion capital ex-partner. Reformed management consultant from Andersen, Ernst & Young.

ID 36291

Efe Cakarel


Founder of @mubi. Worked at Goldman Sachs and SAP. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 1998. Stanford MBA 2005.

ID 200129

Nick Black

Founder @cloudmade • Studied at @university-college-london

ID 454711

William Reeve


Cofounder of @lovefilm, @secret-escapes and @Fletcher Research; angel investor in @graze , @zoopla , @sport-pursuit , and others

ID 90560

Alliott Cole


Seed and early stage investor at Octopus

ID 10958

Robert Dighero


Active angel investor at @white-bear-yard and partner at Passion Capital

ID 15130

Jesse Sandoval


Co-President @stanfordangels1 CEO in Healthcare 2.0. Experience in Life Science. Gov 2.0. Stanford Grad. Seed Investor.

ID 43108

Lars Rasmussen


Director of Engineering for search at @facebook. Co-founded Where 2 Tech and sold it to @google to make @google Maps. Co-founded @google Wave effort.

ID 81045

Can Serter


Superangel, Hardcore Geek, Technology Connoisseur.. Chef, Fisherman, Film and TV Fanatic, Photographer. @duke grad, turn of the century.

ID 23449

Daniel Waterhouse


VC with Balderton Partners

ID 124567

Michael Rolph


Founder @yoyo-11 Entrepreneur, building a better buying experience for us all:-) Worked @anthemis @paypal @first-data-corporation @barclaycard

ID 83599

Michael Sidgmore


Vice President, iCapital Network | Special Advisor, Panorama Point Partners | Fmr Director, Mosaic | Fmr Goldman Sachs PSI | Founder, NextGenEngage

ID 125502

Alex Ikonn


Open-minded adventurer. Entrepreneur. Motivated and motivating. Avid learner. Love people. Very positive guy!

ID 49800

Krishna Visvanathan


Partner @dfj Esprit; angel investor

ID 775

Simon Murdoch


Entrepreneur turned angel investor and now VC

ID 8583

Jeff Reynar


Investor in @lucid-software, @setjam, @hyperpublic.

ID 9934

John Stokes


Co-Founder of early stage VC, @real-ventures (Montreal, Canada) and an investor in the FounderFuel Accelerator.

ID 139851

Federico Pirzio-Biroli


Founder @playfair-capital and @warneryard, investor in 30+ startups worldwide, Burner + founder @ooliganalley

ID 253156

Severin Jan Rüegger


Investor and entrepreneur. Managing Partner @Centralway-AG . Co-founder @Sandbox-Network and Solosso. @lse

ID 419173

Brett Mason

Co Founder Bitcoin India, Board of Mantis Energy, Invented MassBloc, Director MassTec Industries and NLDR, Advisor Indie Producers Guild, Reduce My Invoice.

ID 57501

Ush Patel


Founder of @brightstart. Searching for investments for a small angel fund. Worked at @merrill-lynch. Brit.

ID 31532

Itamar Lesuisse


I build and grow great products and amazing teams. Founder (@peak-1, @scoville, @kukunu) • Product (@amazon, @visa) • Strategy (@boston-consulting-group)

ID 27155

Steve O'Donnell


EIR @ariadne-capital, Chair Preventia & GreenBytes, Chair of AB at @violin-memory & Rackwise, IEEE Spokesman on Cloud & IT Security, ran Data Centres for BT

ID 102735

Nina Faulhaber


Co-founder Digital x Fashion x Fitness startup. Stealth. Formerly @IndexVentures @GoldmanSachs

ID 129573

Thai Tran

Product Manager at @facebook. Previously CEO of @lightbox (acquired by @facebook), Product Manager at @google & @youtube, and Co-founder of @vivasmart (acquired by @yahoo).

ID 66542

Lloyd Price

Co Founder @ZestyUK. 15+ years in Early Stage, High Growth Startups & Tech Corporates. Director roles at Zesty, Kelkoo, Yahoo! Europe & Badoo [email protected]

ID 818

Jerome Camblain


Investor in Teleportd (, PrestaShop, VideoDesk & FarmDrop

ID 83763

Amjad Hussain


Founder @silkroute • Worked at @nextwave • Investor @brightbytes-3, @silkroute • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @university-of-manchester

ID 108522

Paolo Rubatto


Managing Director, Founder at @start-capital

ID 57564

James Peck


Corporate finance > @skype > @amazon > various startups > @naspers

ID 10245

Scott Sage


VC at @dfj-esprit; Angel Investor & Startup Advisor

ID 341162

Tobin Ireland


Partner @mobile Value Partners. Active Seed investor, Advisor, NXD, Chairman. Digital media exec @vodafone @aol @bskyb @McKinsey

ID 143422

Andreas Koukorinis


ID 59459

Royyuru Avinash


Currently Product Manager @songkick. Previously Employee #1 @tencube, sold to McAfee, . Early stage investor @leap-motion @benchling @mutewatch

ID 60694

Thilo Hardt


Founder @

ID 105445

Bill Earner


American in London, interested in startups and tech, founder and partner at @connect-ventures.

ID 1962

Roy Tuvey


Co-founder of Wandera, a mobile data optimization service for businesses. Co-founded ScanSafe, SaaS security co acquired by Cisco for $183M in 2010. Angel investor

ID 196133

Ivan Mazour


CEO and Founder of @ometria, Founding Partner at @innova-kapital-1, founder of 7 companies, early stage technology investor, Cambridge mathematician, author

ID 84131

Bo Pedersen


Consumer Brands Director at @bazaarvoice, Mentor at @seedcamp, Angel Investor

ID 42015

Philipp Hartmann


Early stage tech investor at @index-ventures

ID 87628

Andy Young

UK, @stripe. Co-founder, @groupspaces. Creator of Selective Tweets (#fb, 1M users). Startups. Code. Music addict.

ID 109164

Tim Davey

Head of Product and Co-founder at onefinestay.

ID 426651

Bec Vaughan

eCommerce expert & solution finder Currently Head of Solutions at a SaaS eCommerce provider, with a background in retail, ecommerce, logistics & technology..

ID 53479

Gi Fernando


Investor @bookingbug, @streetlife

ID 13780

Mario Branciforti


Hands-on strategist and investor with 10+ years' experience in corporate development and startups across SaaS, software, internet security, semi and mobile.

ID 2519

Mohamed Nanabhay


Head of Online at @al-jazeera-english. Started Al Jazeera New Media group. Founded largest consumer internet site in Qatar. Also, studied at Cambridge and WITS.

ID 36544

Thomas Jones


Angel & Private Equity Investor, Charlotte Street Capital

ID 520646

Nate Houk


Seek change with abandon.

ID 163514

Denis Shafranik


Active VC investor via @ermak-group; @supremum-capital • Studied at @insead-1, @london-school-of-economics

ID 1475

Andy Chung


Europe @angellist, Co-founder @what-s-in-my-handbag, Team member of @eden-ventures. Team member @m-pesa

ID 141430

Christian Faes


Co-Founder @lendinvest; Founder @montello-capital-partners; ex-lawyer

ID 3533

Gil Dibner


Investor: @innovid @sisense @loyalblocks @jfrog @the-gifts-project @yedda @front @resin-1. Angelist syndicate backs top-tier Israeli tech companies.

ID 104576

Enrique Posner


Founder @the-iou-project-1, @cyvek-llc • Worked at @radio-physics-solutions, @anglo-scientific • Investor @down-by-bang-with-friends, @solus-scientific • Studied at @singularity-university, @northwestern-university

ID 237434

Jimmy Furland


ID 44568

Robert Bell

@stanford-university, YC S2013; Founded @klickex UN and SWIFT funded; Hi-Tech Young NZr of the year twice. Top new fintech business of 2013- SWIFT. Also founded @passport

ID 388331

Andrew Carton


Founder @mobile-nations, notifyer • Worked at @hapilabs • Investor @rockhealth, @anyperk

ID 56372

Joe Stepniewski

@skimlinks founder - content monetization. SiteRefinery founder - acquire, redevelop, remonetize web properties. Ex-music biz. Scholarship IT degree grad w/1st

ID 72529

Turi Munthe


Founder @Portoio Exec Chair @line-up Founder, exited @demotix Mentor/Eir @seedcamp @techstars Previously, journalist/publisher/policyanalyst...

ID 144243

Alasdair McPherson


Angel Investor, Tech Enthusiast

ID 16404

Guy Westlake

Entrepreneur and seed investor. Founding team member @shutl, formerly Product Marketing @vignette and @canon. BA University of Bristol, MEB ESCP-EAP, Paris.

ID 165670

Jag Singh


Political strategist, angel investor, economist, occasional tech-innovator, wannabe troublemaker. Founder @strateusis, @messagespace @WESSDigital

ID 25342

David O


Angel @doctrackr (acquired by Intralinks), @status (later funded by Google Ventures), & a few others | Principal @bcg | MIT Ph.D. on Big Data

ID 43237

Sean Ward

Founder Synthace Limited (synthetic biology), @relatable (music ID) • Bioinformatics Postdoc at @university-college-london

ID 63094

Adam Broadway


Founder, DesksNear.Me, PeerAnalytics, Founder/CTO and Trainer @business-catalyst (acquired by Adobe);

ID 46077

Sagi Shorrer


Founder @peak-1 • Worked at @google

ID 93700

Ross Baird


Executive Director, Village Capital

ID 47435

Dharmash Mistry


Ex Partner at @balderton-capital; Non Exec Dixons Plc (DXNS) and Hargreaves lansdown Plc (HL); Ex Group MD Emap plc; Ex BCG and P&G. Lovefilm, KupiVip, Achica

ID 253937

Joseph Denne


Technologist and HCI specialist, double Emmy winner, founder of Airlock, Group Technical Director at Leo Burnett, Future Media advisor to the BBC, curator of Found Things.

ID 98538

David Langer

Founder & CEO, @zesty-1. Co-Founder & former CEO, @groupspaces. Oxford mathematician. CrossFit athlete.

ID 153929

James Booth

Founder @rockabox, @tangozebra

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 56410

Stephen Rapoport

Founder of, delivering epic coffee. Previously founded (exited to Airbnb, March 2012)

ID 303700

Nathan Benaich


Backing founders of early stage tech-enabled companies with @playfair-capital and @warneryard. Former cancer research PhD.

ID 13430

Wouter Gort


ID 150201

Winston Ibrahim

Founder & CEO @hydros-bottle. Director/Investor at @thinkimpact. Investor in @runa-2, Investor in @ribbon , Nurture Inc aka HappyFamily Brands, and American Halal.

ID 18860

Sanford Dickert

Innovative Product Expeditor or Product-flavored CTO

ID 51573

Luke Hakes


Early Stage UK focussed VC, passionate about Tech and startups. Seed through series A

ID 228065

Rupert Ralston


Founder, Developer, Angel investor

ID 38850

Jon Bradford


MD at TechStars, Co-Founder of f6s and

ID 294150

Peter Rading


25 years in banking.

ID 16284

Court Coursey


ID 139952

Russell Buckley


Mobsesssed, blogger, Angel Investor, Advisor, Speaker, Singularitarian and Seeker of the New New.

ID 407422

Duncan Jennings


Founder of, Europe's largest online coupon site (acquired by RetailMeNot, Inc). Previously founded and sold businesses to Expedia INC and GCAP Media PLC.

ID 69164

Ido Green


Entrepreneur, runner, and a rider that knows and love to build companies, developers and applications.

ID 418193

Gernot Zacke


Investor at Atomico. Angel.

ID 128905

Jonathan Haswell


Owner Simraceway Performance Driving Center and Audi sportscar experience, Sonoma Raceway • Creator of Simraceway Online Racing World • 2 Patents •

ID 40749

Roy Vella


Entrepreneur & @stanford-university JD/MBA. Simply put, my passion is growing business in mobile/web industries, the convergence of online and offline activities.

ID 85919

Nicholas Babaian

Co-founder @lifecake. Previously @skype, @yahoo, @microsoft and various startups. Chronic smiler.

ID 144797

Azeem Azhar


CEO of @peerindex - understand your social capital

ID 55382

Daniel Jones


Technology Venture Capitalist

ID 315670

Innova Kapital


Privately owned investment company specialising in funding early stage technology startups.

ID 7130

Dean Fankhauser

Founder of @nuji. Previously worked at @yahoo, @havas and various digital agencies in @london and abroad in @strategy and @user Experience Design

ID 22911

Jack Smith


Jack of all trades, master of some. Advisor to @coin-2 , @addy , @survios Previously Co-Founded @shyp & @vungle.

ID 308515

Greg Roodt


Internet geek. I speak: Java, Scala and Python. Sometimes I fly kites.

ID 9330

Dmitry Alimov


Founder @ivi-ru, @frontier-ventures • ex-Managing Partner at @ru-net-holdings • Investor @ostrovok, @eruditor-group @ivi-ru • Studied at @harvard-business-school

ID 880

Alan Wallace

Investor in @zoopla, @true-knowledge.

ID 419075

Adam Knight


Founder of Social & Sustainable Capital LLP Chairman of Coinfloor Trustee of The Roundhouse Previously Global Head of Commodites at Credit Suisse / Glencore JV

ID 120776

CJ Halabi


Angel Investor. Hardware engineer. Ex-VC fund manager. Ex-Classic Cocktail Bartender. Worked at Ericsson, HP, Accenture, Capgemini. Cornell ECE, MENG, MBA.

ID 66370

Chris Huey


Working with NEON covering interests across finance, property, lifestyle and philanthropy. Previously at Forward Internet Group (PE and early stage VC)

ID 171133

Tom Bradley


ID 72572

Max Pellegrini


President Prod&Mktg @realnetworks, mobile guru, angel investor and Newyorker in a random order

ID 261426

Sean Shapcott


After selling my company in 2011 I took some time off and spent it with family. 

ID 503781

Peter Guagenti


Mentor, Advisor, and Angel. Currently @essence-digital. Formerly in leadership @acquia, @razorfish, @accenture. Built and sold multiple digital agencies.

ID 38782

Jake Fuentes

Founder/CEO at Level. Former Emerging Products @visa. Data nerd. @stanford grad.

ID 12176

James King


Founder of the FIG Group

ID 9585

Damian Kimmelman

Founder and CEO at @duedil Limited

ID 303017

Kevin Chong


ID 216834

Sascha Wilkens


Ph.D. quant in financial engineering; CFA, CAIA. Investing in industries such as healthcare, B2C e-commerce and social media. .

ID 32747

Steven Willmott

CEO and co-founder of @3scale ( Mission to put APIs everywhere.

ID 56843

William McQuillan


I'm a freckle faced Irish hustler with a rebellious heart! Partner @FrontlineVC & London Ambassador @Sandbox_network

ID 153998

Heikki Haldre

Founder, @fits-me-virtual-fitting-room. Vogue magazine's Online Fashion 100 - list of Top 100 most influential names in online fashion. Serial Entrepreneur.

ID 5287

Julian Carter


Co-Founder & M.D of EC1 Capital an early stage web and mobile tech investment firm based in London.

ID 41622

Massimiliano Squillace

Founder of @nextone-media, serial entrepreneur, journalist.

ID 116568

Mark Kornfilt

ID 328459

Gerald Mueller

Founder @qriously

ID 93114

Geoff Watts

Founder at @editd

ID 90749

Nikos Moraitakis


Founder @workable

ID 4795

Amir Nathoo


Founder @trigger-io-2, @webmynd-corp • Worked at @ibm • Investor @exec

ID 87212

Matthew Sheppard

9 years of content systems and mobile experience including @qualcomm, @yahoo and @zattikka.

ID 114148


Tech Entrepreneur,• Founder @wave-4 • Studied at @Defence College of Telecommunications and Information Systems

ID 22717

Scott Schnaars


VP Sales & Marketing for @RetentionSci. Previously ran sales teams at @badgeville. @yahoo, @webex, @Oracle & @socialtext.

ID 515146

Vinay Jayaram

Founder @LifeScale Limited • Worked at @morgan-stanley • Studied at @duke-university University • Seed Investor in @learnvest

ID 259694

Neil Harmsworth

Founder @payasugym

ID 613

Emre Baran


- Founder & Director at QuBit Group - Senior Product Manager at @google Angel: @chartio, @oktogo-ru, @doktorsitesi-com, @yonja-com, @flowplay, CivicSolar

ID 130938

Paul Fisher


I personally invest in and help a very small number of entrepreneurs.

ID 68828

Lee Pickrell


CTO, Founder at #1seed

ID 35003

Mark Cheshire

COO at @3scale. Previously VP Products at SaaS company, @ntrglobal, and Head of Prod Mgmt at HP Software. MIT Sloan. Driving [R]evolution through APIs.

ID 167198

Jamie Ward


Founder and CEO of

ID 314794

Christopher Kahler

Founder @qriously

ID 190558

Toby Coppel


Worked at @mosaic-ventures @allen & Company, @goldman-sachs • Studied at @harvard-university, @oxford-university

ID 553608

Michael Treskow


Investor @accel-partners. Focus on European tech companies (early-stage to growth)

ID 35001

Josep M. Pujol

CTO at 3scale ( 10+ years of experience on several world class industrial research labs on systems, networks and API's.

ID 203886

Lee Waterworth

Founded @yekra Media distribution background.

ID 58142

Darren Patterson


Investor @ Puntclub @lumific Team @bridgelane-group Chief Operating Officer & Investor at @datasift Inc @yahoo

ID 4849

Christina Chen


Investor in @shazam, @olx, @digital-chocolate, @familybuilder.

ID 55590

Nadim Saad


ID 45659

Juha Christensen

ID 99864

Chris Morton


Founder/CEO of @lyst. Previously consumer internet investor at @benchmark-capital and @balderton-capital in London. MA from Cambridge University

ID 174930

Keith Willey


ID 68278

Nuno Goncalves Pedro


Managing Partner at Strive Capital (fka Kii Capital)

ID 31305

Simon Hill

Co-founder of @wazoku, a leading Idea Management company. Bus Dev Director with @huddle. Strong business background (PwC, Deloitte), MSc Business, 2004.

ID 263631

James Fairclough


Angel Investor in disruptive consumer focused businesses

ID 50293

Christopher Scollo


CTO Consultant; Interim CTO; Acting CTO of MyHealthPal; Tech Advisor to Unbits and Wunderfood; Former CTO of Ciao AG, Litelogic, Mangahigh, Autodata.

ID 2893

Andrew Crump


CEO - @mitoo - Serial entrepreneur and UX Designer. Loosely a Mentor at Tech Stars London, 500, Seecamp and others.

ID 201039

Jonathan Tepper

Founder @demotix, @variant-perception

ID 9506

James Smith

Co-founder at @bugsnag, former CTO at @heyzap, track record of creating social apps and sites, previous startup @wegot-tv was acquired in 2009.

ID 4089

Vitaly M. Golomb

CEO @printmo-by-keen // CEO @europe Venture Summit // Mentor @500startups @happy-farm @innovation-nest // Award-winning designer // Speaker

ID 179598

Rupesh Chatwani


Technology VC focused on Russia, Turkey, CEE and MENA

ID 209008

Adrian Lloyd


Founding Partner at Episode 1 Ventures MBA from Stanford Business School TechStars investor/mentor, Entrepreneur First investor/mentor, EtonPreneurs founder

ID 2809

Peter Nixey

YC Alum - I sold previous company in 2010. Degree in Physics from Oxford, Rails engineer, UX and team obsessive, full stack engineer & writer at

ID 8634

Ken Lamb


Early investor and advisor in Playfish. Outside legal counsel to Playfish.

ID 239514

Sebastian Ortega


Founder @south-ventures, @ig-business-angels-club-1 and @quanbit. Investor in +15 startups

ID 257728

Francesco Cesarini


Founded Erlang Solutions, co-authored Erlang Programming (O'Reilly), part time uncle & godfather and full time father & pointy haired boss.

ID 64495

Eze Vidra


General Partner at @googleventures Europe. Former head of Campus London and Google for Entrepreneurs Europe at @google. Founder of @vc-cafe and @techbikers

ID 96126

Robert Farazin

Just do it. Move fast.

ID 96361

Chris Barchak


Partner @ Conor Venture Partners. Previously FGPE and Index Ventures. MIT CS+MBA. Professional early stage tech VC in Nordics/Baltics, potential angel elsewhere

ID 409937

Mark Hirschfield


Entrepreneur and Seed Investor

ID 27352

Gavan Gravesen


Founder @slated • Worked @pervazive, @fashion GPS, @deutsche-bank • Studied at @new-york-university-school-of-law

ID 271482

Hassan Awan


Founder @bnbboat; Worked @vrbo @homeaway, @owners-direct @homelidays

ID 26052

Sean Phelan


Founder of @multimap-com. Investor in @worksnug, @wishli-st, @mydish-co-uk, @carbon-clear, @airetrak, @sharedband, @neul.

ID 134737

Keith Calder


Independent film producer and financier.

ID 18864

Investor is an investor and company building program for student entrepreneurs who are solving big problems.

ID 6943

Cristian Parrino


VP Mobile and Online Services at Canonical. Multilingual serial tech startup exec, advisor, investor and founder.

ID 113651

Jens Lapinski


Director at Techstars. Founded Forward Labs, a London-based startup studio. Former entrepreneur.

ID 57407

Sebastjan Trepca

founder / CTO at @lyst, previously in social gaming and social networks, involved in startups since 2005

ID 43476

Kelvin Au


Loves technology. Loves investing. Loves people. Feel free to get in touch with start-up ideas or just wanted to chat about building businesses!

ID 64002

Kavin Bharti Mittal


Head of Strategy & Product, BSB. Creator, hike

ID 43099

Steffen Thilsted


CFO & Co-founder @birdback Co-founder @iconfinder Co-founder @1calendar MSc. Economics and Marketing

ID 70806

Frank Maene


Partner Hummingbird Ventures

ID 31482

Sunil Gunderia


I work in education/media/tech. Global manager with track record in strategy, product, marketing and biz dev. SVP, Age of Learning. Past digital exec @ Disney.

ID 84614

Yannis Psarras


Software Architect. Enterpreneur. Technical founder of @moosend. Professional experience: @goldman-sachs, @jpmorgan

ID 30578

Mitch Pender


Investor in @peerindex, @cognitive-match, @commontime, @i-nexus.

ID 127629

Joe Charlesworth


Partner @playfair-capital. Entrepreneur at @tractionhub. Co-working space operator @warneryard.

ID 265627

Nicholas Ashley Cooper


Founder @gomix • Worked at @emi-music, @terra-firma-capital-partners • Studied at @london-business-school

ID 244451

Priyanka Gill


Founder and Editor-in-Chief of

ID 201890

Devin Hunt

Designer, Educator, Entrepreneur on the world wide internets. Partner at @founder-centric, co-founder at @lyst, EIR at @university-college-london-1

ID 167152

Doug Scott


Investor and Advisor Founder of many internet companies,, 20 angel investments in 24 months

ID 55976

Courtney Boyd Myers

Founder of & 3460 Miles.

ID 108410

Lorenz Bogaert


CEO of Massive Media: and

ID 24853

Piers Cooper


COO of @addvocate, Founder of @datavote, MD at @nanoholdings; Partner Point Bonita; GP Kalmund Capital, GP McKenna Capital; VP Corp Dev @oracle-corporation

ID 573493

Goncalo de Vasconcelos


Invest in startups with the professionals. Investing in startups may involve high risk. SyndicateRoom Ltd is authorised & regulated by the FCA.

ID 117260

Redg Snodgrass


Entrepreneur at Skout and The Taploid as well as former Vice President of Innovation at Alcatel-Lucent. I've acquired companies & launched successful products.

ID 7535

David Thévenon


Senior director partnerships at @google, with direct expertise in content, search/discovery, mobile and EMEA/ROW markets.

ID 57079

George Cotsikis


Founder @gpc-works • Worked at @salomon-brothers • Investor @visually • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @imperial-college-london-1

ID 159886

Alex Halliday

Entrepreneur, product manager, designer, front-end dev. Founder at @lawpal and @socialgo. 10 years experience in startups, SaaS, community, marketing.

ID 201846

Justin Golshir


• • Hustle in my DNA • • CEO of @justgo • • Worked at @us-senate @lehman-brothers , @dubai-international-capital , @gi-partners

ID 131501

Alexander Wiedmer


Venture Capital Investor

ID 173094

Martin Michlmayr


Corporate Dev / Business Dev / M&A professional Strong background in strategic/fundraising deals (@Bank of America, JPMorgan @jpmorgan-chase ) Duke MBA 1999

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 391426

Rodrigo Martinez


Early Stage Investor @point-nine-capital

ID 45060

Duncan McLaren

Co-Founder, @butter. Co-Founder, VP Business Development, @soapbox-mobile - a mobile marketing platform - acquired in 2007.

ID 22009

Murad Sofizade


co-founder & COO, YGL @WEF Davos, ex-board member,, co-founder & CEO, @ipnet-jsc •, Harvard MBA/MPA, worked at @procter-gamble-2

ID 210017

Sacha Carton

Founder & CEO Ogmenta, co-founder Adbrain, Scala Ventures, ad pepper media. Active advisor, board member and investor in digital media & technology companies.

ID 265163

Amy Kalokerinos

Head of Alliances DigitasLBi * Founder Hired Gun Management * Created Social Software at @ibm, @buddy-media • @salesforce advisor to @boldstartvc Studied at UF

ID 27609

Nic Brisbourne


I'm a VC in London

ID 395797

Martin Brennan

Web VC and PE at @forward-internet-group and @forward-investment-partners-deleted

ID 108432

Alex Nguyen

BA at @skimlinks, Prev @shutl, @duedil • Studied at @university-college-london,@draper-university-1 & @University of York

ID 56357

Pradeep Raman


Early Stage Investor at Forward Partners. Founder @myskillpool, @adtronik • Worked at @piton-capital

ID 130342

Damon Reeve


Private Investor, Entrepreneur

ID 100357

Robert Paul



ID 64964

Andreas Klinger

CTO at Product Hunt Tech/Product/Metrics kind of guy Mentor at several accelerators

ID 2211

Brendan Gill


Co-Founder and CEO @opensignal. Investor at @techstars London. Founded e-commerce company @repeaterstore. Physics/Philosophy at @oxford-university.

ID 182895

Ivan Lopez


Founder wauwaa • Worked at @the-walt-disney-company, @sony-pictures-entertainment

ID 23053

Ben Zifkin

Founder/CEO @hubba, Previously co-founder @axsium-group (succesful exit). Reimagining the future of commerce through brand and retail technology.

ID 75539

Tak Lo


Director at Techstars. Creating unfair advantages for early stage founders. Prior USArmy Enlisted, LondonBSchool, UChicago. I care about audacious challenges.

ID 29663

Tim Jackson


Venture capitalist, investor, entrepreneur, writer, boatrocker

ID 497119

Peter Cummings (MIoD)


Founder & Owner @socomo, @Borealis IT Ltd • Co-Owner & CTO @masterbranch

ID 99947

Jason Stockwood


CEO SimplyBusiness, Hopeful Romantic. Former MD of across EU, NED Skyscanner, alumni and Grimsby Town fan by birthright.

ID 77832

Vincent Jacobs


Investing in 2 to 3 startups a week via @kima-ventures for $150K each • Worked at @seedcamp, @smarkets • Studied at @ku-leuven • Belgian abroad

ID 25957

Charles Lee

CoFounder Pluck, CoFounder @mytypeofpeople Human Genome Project coder. Love making stuff with a ton of data

ID 281505

Nicholas Cooper,


Investor @conformis, @podponics, @yoco • Studied at @university-of-sydney, CFA, ACA

ID 235401

Leo Wang


Investor @lime-tonic, @suredone, @ruck-us, @coursehorse, @rukkus • Worked at @mckinsey-company

ID 47475

Rich Waldron

CEO @tray-io Product obsessive. @angelpad Alumni

ID 239709

Nicolas Perard


Worked at @ariadne-capital, @dn-capital • Studied at @ecole-centrale-paris, @universite-paris-dauphine,

ID 181491

Sami Mikati


ID 188147

Nick Levine

Founder @tack-tack-tack, @on-the-fringe • Worked at @soundcloud, @bright-grahame-murray • Studied at @cass-business-school, @university-of-sussex

ID 475196

Joe Perrott

ID 232839

Meeta Gournay


ID 40712

Alex Hunter


CEO at, former global Head of Online for the Virgin Group.

ID 31690

Dylan Collins


CEO @superawesome-1 | Chairman @potato-2 | VC @hoxton-ventures | Board @BrownBagFilms | Founder Jolt (acq GameStop) + DemonWare (acq Activision Blizzard)

ID 56487

Martin Avetisyan

Entrepreneur | Founder & CEO at

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 204754

Matthew Cushen


Client Development Director @what-if-innovation. Founded @uprising-limited. Senior Manager @kurt-salmon-associates. Investor @payasugym, @cafe-in-the-park

ID 38141

Chris Howard

Founder @libboo • Worked at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1, • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @harvard-university

ID 148506

Gary Sheynkman


Director of Ad-Ventures @carrot-creative . Before: Corporate Development @ @kit-digital. 4 years: ~100-1500 people, NASDAQ IPO, 12 acquisitions, 4 Secondaries.

ID 258850

Stewart Turton


Founder & CEO of Shizzle. Previously founder of & other online dating websites, marketing at

ID 62309

Tony Kypreos


Founder & CEO DUPL

ID 320298

Laura Chuck

HR Director who loves tech, moving from London to San Fran, worked at InMobi and Nokia

ID 10851

Giuliano Stiglitz


CEO - Orange Advertising Network Americas

ID 294636

Maxim Chmyshuk


ING Ukraine , University of Notre Dame, Dresdner Kleinwort, Gazprombank (GPBFS), Citi, currently Founder and Managing Partner at Fleximize

ID 115919

Corrado Agusta


Investor @bird-eye-cam, @agusta-investments.

ID 584510

Gus Machado


Twenty Five years success as a technologist, entrepreneur, angel and director in the Information technology. Served as CEO in an AiM plc and a NED for 5 years.

ID 26967

Matteo Girardi


@yahoo, @myspace, and now @facebook. I love Intl project, Media & Entertainment

ID 184998

Sachin Dev Duggal


Founder @shoto @nivio • Prev at @deutsche-bank • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @imperial-college-london-1 Love our foundation to education 100m kids in 50 years. @world-economic-forum TP'09

ID 94091

Gabbi Cahane


Venture Marketer. Founder @Meanwhile_ @Cahane_Assocs Investor @brandid @Moment_Us_ Advisor @3_Beards @bedouinbags Mentor @seedcamp @collider12

ID 314

Filip Dousek

Founder @bondaii. Founder @brand Brothers. 10+ years SAP.

ID 595882

Angus Miln


Venture capital partner @ Bird & Bird (a leading international technology-focussed law firm). Occasional Angel investor.

ID 42180

Marcos Steverlynck

Co-Founder at @rise-art, Partnerships for @android and Mobile at @google, Principal Consultant at @siebel-systems, MBA at LBS, MSc in Engineering

ID 10881

Juan-Luis Hortelano


Co-founder and director of @plug-and-play-tech-center in Spain, expert in internationalization ( spanish speaking markets). Investor in @touristeye @ducksboard

ID 367028

Lawrence Barclay


Investor at @dn-capital

ID 22804

Zain Jaffer

CEO at @vungle, 3rd time Entrepreneur, Masters in Entrepreneurship from UCL & @london-business-school School, Singularity University alumni

ID 52736

Jose Cobian


ID 81106

Sokratis Papafloratos


Co-founder and CEO of @togethera. Previously co-founded and led @trustedplaces from start to successful exit. Investor in @secret-escapes escapes and @calm.

ID 41823

Sahir Azam


Enterprise software leader with cross-functional experience. Director, Cloud Management Strategy @vmware. Former @dynamicops, @bmc-software & @bladelogic .

ID 123417

James Robinson

Co-founder and mobile architect of @opensignal. Data mining and modelling at @tesco. Masters in Physics/Philosophy & prizes from @oxford-university.

ID 75490

Stanislas Polu

@stanford-university MSCS '09. Made my first $ at age 18 selling software. Hacked a copycat of @dropbox.. in '04. Worked @apple @oracle-2. Tech Founder @totems.

ID 3925

Liad Shababo


CEO @shoply - Shopping Marketplace. Previously founded & sold doof (social gaming) &

ID 35065

Oded Ran


10+ years in mobile-first businesses • CEO of @touchnote • Active angel with @harvard-business-school Angels of London • Worked at @microsoft, @retalix, @idf

ID 73022

Mbwana Alliy


@savannah-fund Partner & @i-o-ventures EIR. Founded Tanzania's 1st ecommerce travel portal. @microsoft PM (US), in Aerospace Eng (UK). Africa tech. Stanford MBA

ID 6051

Michael Blakey


Investor in @groupspaces, @tagman, @pout, @language-lab, @bybox, @specle, @commerce-decisions, @bac2, @oc-robotics, @virtual-it, @omega-logic, @thisisglow

ID 196337



We are an online platform allowing anyone to invest in ambitious, growth-focused businesses. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

ID 41985

Scott Phillips

Founder @rise-art, the curated art marketplace. We connect talented artists with art enthusiasts and first time buyers.

ID 49166

Jinhee Ahn Kim

Co-Founder @snapette. Strong mobile product development & design background (20+ top apps built), Ralph Lauren, Bain & Co. Harvard BA, Parsons (Fashion Design)

ID 37267

Nicolai Watzenig

Entrepreneur I enjoy building things. Some of these things are @birdback, @founderboys @iconfinder and @cphventures

ID 185772

Kerry L. Schofield

Studied at @oxford-university, @university-of-bristol

ID 2458

Chris Smith @BStCapital


ID 43348

Jack Leeney


Strategic venture capital arm of Telefonica Digital based in London, Madrid and Silicon Valley focused on technology investing.

ID 400713

Alastair James

Founder @ometria, @adnet-media

ID 128563



Entrepreneur. Founder @tok-tok-tok Ex @ebuzzing, @zong

ID 52633

Paul Nowak


Entrepreneur by day, maker by night. CEO @presspad

ID 6220

Farhan Lalji

COO at PeerIndex, Formerly @tizaro @ad-avengers. @yahoo, @london-business-school-2 MBA, went from building websites to building companies.

ID 46810

Thomas Schranz

CEO of @blossom. High traffic @facebook apps for @red-bull, Jim Beam & FIFA Soccer World Cup. Relaunched @play-fm. Computer Science @vienna-university Technical University

ID 297300

Ben Cerveny

Founded @bloom-studio. Named & helped conceive of @flickr. Design Fellow at @samsung-electronics, Advisor to @arup, @snibbe-studio, @scoot-networks, and @funomena

ID 242951

Emma Tangoren

head of marketing @ platejoy

ID 400662

James Dunford Wood

Travel and technology entrepreneur. Hotel addict, occasional author.

ID 101276

Laurence Aderemi

Worked at @google, @yahoo

ID 365560

Simon Murphy

Worked at @spotify, @radiumone

ID 265253

Luke Smith


I'm part of the investment team at Reed Elsevier Ventures conducting deal origination, due diligence, deal structuring and portfolio management

ID 252249

Sergio Maldonado

CEO at Sweetspot • JD, LLM Internet Law at @queen-mary-london and Executive Growth Program at @iese-business-school-2 School . Previous startup: Divisadero (40-strong).

ID 53299

Adrian de Montfalcon


Media, content and tech. Director of Sales Planning & Analytics at Lionsgate. Previous experience at Warner Bros, NBCUniversal, Citigroup and StormHarbour.

ID 168797

Andy Lee


Asia startup advisor to @chartboost, @yodo1, @nom-games, founder/MD of @kabam in Asia, head of BD & digital media for NBA China and News Corp China, ex-VC and tech banker. +12 years in China, @university-of-california-berkeley, @haas-school-of-business

ID 173701

Steven Algieri


Founder @pcs-investments, @pc-solutions-uk-ltd • Investor @hybridcluster • Studied at @university-of-portsmouth

ID 135689

Anton Meryl Nithianandan

Founder of @nuji. Worked on wide range of projects for @microsoft & @yahoo as senior software architect. Graduated from Melbourne University MSc Computer Science.

ID 64992

Will Muirhead


Founder & Chief Executive, @fanatix. Formerly Chief Executive @sportingo-network and Managing Director @sportech. MA, Economics @university-of-edinburgh

ID 367034

Jan Reichelt


Co-Founder & President Mendeley • Worked at @sap, @university-of-cologne • MBA from WHU • Loves latin-american dances • Voted "Best European Founder 2013"

ID 375329

Alejandro C. Ortiz

IT Consultant - Quant Algorithmic Trading - Investor | Passionate about technology, Data Analysis

ID 272886

Frank Sykes

12 years experience of leading online innovation, on pre-sales and tech dev. Worked at Yahoo, PwC, CitiBank and smaller businesses.

ID 427

Steve Karmeinsky

Internet type

ID 644994

Tim de Vere Green


Full time London-based early-stage technology investor: hardware, software, life sciences. Experienced NED.

ID 164748

Andrew Hyde

Founder @startupweekend • Worked at @techstars, @hackfwd • Studied at @johnson-wales-university

ID 151422

Mohan Chennupati


Trading, Banking, Finance, studied computer science and economics in India and London. Budding advisor and rookie angel.

ID 56599

Andrew Hunter


Founder @adzuna • Worked at @ebay, @qype • Investor @triphunter, @caliber-interactive • Studied at @oxford-brookes-university

ID 343854

Imran Akram


London based Principal at DN Capital focused on enterprise technologies, marketplaces, payments and gaming.

ID 29961

Conor Stanley


Founder @tribal-vc in Dublin. Investor with @intercom-1, @pagefair @startupbootcamp, @balconytv @propelad & others. @kfp

ID 243915

Buford Taylor

Founder @shortcut-3 (Techstars 2014) • Early engineer at @eventbrite

ID 106264

Charlie Hilton

Founder of @urban-times. Undergraduate and Masters student at @university-college-london and @university-of-pennsylvania.

ID 73265

Kristo Käärmann

CEO at @transferwise

ID 400767

Voytek Wieckowski


Corp finance background, worked as a consultant in Boston and then in hedge fund industry in NYC. Currently based in Warsaw, Poland and focusing on travel and private investments. Colby College, Wharton MBA, CFA

ID 31691

Jared Keen


Founder @couponstar-ltd • Sold to @coupons-com • VP Business Development at @coupons-com. Adviser and Investor. Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 118546

Steve Black


@move-guides co-founder & COO. Formerly at @oliver-wyman in London - retail-optimization focus and hands-on delivery. Loves data and using it to take action.

ID 304154

Joe Regal

Co-founder Zola Books. Previously founder Regal Literary. 20 yrs in publishing. Switched major from Physics to Literature. Magna cum laude.

ID 65453

Ali Russell

Co-Founder & CTO of @tray-io, Masters in CS, Research Fellow for UK MoD & Collaborated with Tim Berners Lee @ MIT through WSRI

ID 31486

Andrew Bredon


CTO/Founder living in London. Co-founded @dealchecker-co-uk (acquired 2011 Easy Voyage), Co-founded @secret-escapes , Co-founded @what-s-in-my-handbag

ID 69852

Matt McAlister

Founder @n0tice and @contributoria • GM, New Digital Businesses at @guardian-media-group

ID 323129

Percy Stilwell

Co-founder of Resource Guru. Lead digital creative for the past 10 years most recently as Digital Creative Director at EURO RSCG KLP

ID 7040

Vincent Thome

Founder @nuji. Focus on @product-development and @business-operations. Worked at @nokia, @akqa. 1st startup out of high school. 2:1 Master in Business.

ID 562215

Brian Pietras

Hays Technology Ventures, Index, Unilever Ventures, London Business School, Kennet Partners, SuccessFactors, Thomson Reuters

ID 150031

Cliff Hinrichs


Working at @google • Studied at @insead-1, @amherst-college (Phi Beta Kappa) • Founder @homedirectory-ltd-uk

ID 64974

Anil Stocker

CEO & Co-Founder at @marketinvoice Limited

ID 8430

Nick Drandakis

Founder at @taxibeat. Founded @sync-gr a Greek social network with 35000+ members, and @suppline, a hospitality vertical for B2B online supplies.

ID 247185

Andrew Rogoff

Co-founder of Resource Guru. Worked in digital marketing for 9 years including at @razorfish and @good-technology & @mrm-worldwide.

ID 66532

Alexandra Margolis

Co-founder and head of design at

ID 46445

David McGrath


Founder Stimulate Media & Intabank. Advisory Board Nearmap. Former CEO VIAP, SVP Telstra, VP Yahoo!, VP IMG, BSkyB.

ID 211485

Pogos Saiadian


Worked at @goldman-sachs, @silver-lake-partners • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 31766

David Barrett

Front-end developer at @intercom. Former developer at Contrast, popular consultancy. Former developer at Exceptional, just acquired. Speaker, writer. CS grad.

ID 186852

James Parton

Director of Europe for @twilio. 20 years experience working at the intersection of telecommunications and the web for large corporates and startups, including Twilio, BT, O2, and Telefonica.

ID 116398

Tony Saigh


Founder & Managing Partner, Saber Growth Partners

ID 632127

Zeynep Koruturk

Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 66675

Andrew J Scott


Serial entrepreneur, founder tech startups (one exit, three fails, one TBD) mentor, advisor, occasional investor. Web since 1998, mobile since 2001. God speed.

ID 107586

Ed Freyfogle


London based, American/German internet entrepreneur. Co-founder of Lokku, we run @nestoria, @opencagedata and @geomob, and invest in geo/aggregation/opendata

ID 65616

Angel Gambino

Co-founder, Rosa Parks, LLC. One public listing & several trade acquisitions. Former senior exec at MTV Networks & the BBC.

ID 162243

Victor Trokoudes


Business Development @ TransferWise • Founder of Bluebird Global • Studied at @insead-1, @harvard-university

ID 62869

Ciaran Rooney

CTO of busuu, Speaker, Mentor and Advisor. Director of PHP London and organiser of PHP UK Conference

ID 20050

Felipe Navio

Co-Founder and product guy at jobandtalent. Previous experience at Mckinsey & Co. and Tuenti.

ID 68136

Davor Hebel


Tech growth investor, believer in entrepreneurial ambition

ID 74577

Jane Westfall

Product Management; Product Marketing; Program Management: UX, Web, Mobile, Emerging Technologies.
http://No time.

ID 53455

James Kydd

Spent many years in advertising, before moving to Virgin. Was with Virgin in the glory years, where you could achieve almost anything. Now multitasking.

ID 332345

Anand Appulingam


Founder @atacama-capital-partners • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @united-states-army • Investor @activereplay, @hitch • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 217681

Alex Sowter

Worked @Spotify• Co-Founder @blinc • Studied @university-of-kent

ID 145338

James Broad

Ex Yahoo!, BBC now working Lean on my own thing

ID 8523

Carl Waldekranz

Started and sold design studio with clients as Spotify, Nokia and Rosetta Stone. Bridge technology and design. Co-Founder and CEO @tictail •

ID 78446

Kim Miller


Founder and CEO of @guevara - P2P car insurance for the people, previous successful exit. Worked in principal investments: @macquarie-bank and @morgan-stanley.

ID 74532

Juan Alvarez

Internet Entrepreneur / Founder / CTO 15 years experience in Internet startups 16 years experience in software development 4 Start ups, 3 co-founded, 3 exits.

ID 406122

Barrie Heptonstall


Technology sales leader; Founder Greyfriars House - A Mansion in the Surrey Hills (boutique wedding venue)

ID 17394

Luis Rivera Gurrea-Nozaleda


CEO @etfmatic. Entrepreneur and Investor with background in Management Consulting. MBA @insead-1

ID 81116

Michael Geer

COO of Dream Industries - And a tech junkie/founder/advisor/mentor

ID 28359

James Finn


Building products to change what it means to communicate (in a good way). Most recent @launch TU Me (iTunes)

ID 73023

Mariano Kostelec

Co-founder at Worked on International Expansion of @groupon and @wimdu in Japan and China. 1 year Analyst at @goldman-sachs.

ID 211870

Duncan Dunlop

Digital Evangelist, Social Media expert, Go Getter and Deal Maker. Extensive contact network with key executives and decision makers across digital landscape

ID 16959

James Hind

Founder of @carwow - The online marketplace for new cars

ID 20062

Cristiano Carlutti


Former VP @tesla-motors , Fiat, Olympics. 4 start-ups, now between China/Europe. Founder of XCD Ventures. Investor in @pick1, @spire-global , @jam-vehicles-ltd

ID 375263

Lawrence Merritt

MD of the incubator @photobox. Acquired Moonpig in 2011, StickyGram in 2013. Strong business background in consumer web. Priors at Yahoo!, Expedia & ZDNET

ID 172050

Alex Dunsdon


Investment Director @saatchinvest Investor @citymapper, @compara-bien and @evrythng Founder @the-bakery-london Worked at @m-c-saatchi

ID 131964

Shehreyar Hameed


ID 51965

Christopher Fuchs

Entrepreneur who has started 7 ventures, raised close to half a million USD, holds an MBA from IE and was previously a senior consultant in a global firm.

ID 43086

Josef Dunne

Co-Founder/CEO of @babelverse. TEDx Organiser. Community Builder. Jungle Survivor. Frequent Traveller & Glomad.

ID 20196

Juan Urdiales

Cofounder & CoCEO. Serial entrepreneur. Cofounder of jobandtalent and former advisor of tech european companies

ID 268091

Kimbell Duncan


Yale University, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Nomura, Mizuho

ID 146822

Tobias Schirmer


Principal at BDMI Fund. Finance Background (Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank). Exeter University 2003, MBA IE Business School 2007.

ID 82294

Erin Delacroix


Strong focus in product innovation, data, strategy, and business development. In my last startup, worked with One Kings Lane, ebay, URBN, and Huawei.

ID 514047

Christopher Lukezic

Airbnb from 2009, led PR, product marketing. Relocated to London in 2012 to lead comms at Airbnb in EMEA.

ID 700857

Richard Skelhorn


Founder of Mandalay Media and BGO Entertainment.

ID 89431

William Griggs


Founder @startup-slingshot • Head of Growth @cbanc-network • Customer Acquisiton @massrelevance (Acq) & @spredfast • Writer @mashable @venturebeat @ReadWrite

ID 55135

Nicolas Gautier


Founder @bolt-ventures

ID 55443

Pamir Gelenbe


Venture Partner at Hummingbird Ventures

ID 231440

Martynas Gudonavicius


CEO & Co-founder at @trafi. ex @inmobi, ex @adform

ID 141331

Gerben Visser


Managing Partner @incubasia-ventures Ventures | Board Member @bansea | Mentor @seedcamp @sbootcamp | Advisor @antavo @blacklist @semusi @sayduck @pultage-1

ID 110377

Valerie Taylor Roberts


10+ yrs working with/advising, investing in early stage ventures. Diversified, international business/investment interests. Founder & CEO @ The Upside Club.

ID 56422

Dan Hill

Entrepreneur, former Co-founder & CTO at Now Product Lead @airbnb

ID 95869

Jason Green


Currently working as CTO at Wimdu, Rocket Internet in Berlin, Germany

ID 84605

Himanshu Nautiyal

Founded first Indian vertical search engine, first Indian site on Techcrunch. Led engineering and data science teams. Silicon valley startup experience. Strong business background. IIT UW CS, IIM MBA

ID 60881

Cory Doctorow


Writer, blogger, activist. If you want a reply, use email. Blog suggestions here:

ID 45139

Lukas Fittl

♥ Recurring Revenue; @seedcamp 2011

ID 438611

Matt Arnold


Leading UK angel investor and managing director of W8 Ventures LLC.

ID 45306

Permjot Valia


CEO of Help with Sales. Co-founder of Flight & Partners. Angel investor in 27 companies and regular at Seedcamp. Helping company with Sales and Messaging

ID 46752

Mike Bank


Founder Pocket Social, Pocket Social • Worked at @ibm, @citigroup • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 67385

Salim Virani

Creator of @leancamp. Supporting the Lean Startup, Customer Development and Business Model Generation communities.

ID 426265

Elisabeth Ling


VP Digital @AlexandAlexa, NED @ometria. Angel investor. 16 years of online product+marketing experience across start-ups and large companies (eBay, PayPal).

ID 163093

David Bailey

CEO at Spotnight. Product manager, coder, data guy. Previously cofounded 3 startups. Ex Booz&Co consultant, math grad at Oxford Uni, Singularity Uni GSP'11.

ID 121835

Adam Burmister

Founder/Developer/Designer/CEO type guy. Author "IronRuby in Action". Ex-BBC, Kiwi and all around nice guy.

ID 35268

Greg Young

Worked at @yahoo, @microsoft @passion-capital

ID 43216

Mohsen Moazami

Member of the Executive Staff at Cisco. Early investor in @powerset (acquired by @microsoft), @parallele (Acquired by Affymetrix).

ID 30330

Colin Hayhurst


Co-founder @goscale. Previously founding CTO then CEO of engineering software startup: Exited to NASDAQ: ANSS.

ID 159990

Patrick Pettay

Web, Mobile, Digital Media exec & Entrepreneur. Founder of neerg.Music curator, beach & city living, healthy lifer, fun finder.Living Mobile Advertising @inmobi

ID 141676

Colette Ballou

Founder @ballou-pr (Berlin/Paris/London), mentor at 500 Startups.

ID 1180

Khash Sajadi

Cofounder and CEO of Cloud 66. Application Stack Provisioning and Management for the Cloud in the Cloud

ID 69628

Tony Lai

Founder & CEO @lawgives. Legal & Social Innovation @startx. Masters degrees from @oxford-university and @stanford-university, international lawyer, educator, systems & design thinker.

ID 551121

Paul Heywood


Running EMEA @dyn Advisor @DevOpsGuys Angel Investor Connect: LinkedIn: Twitter:

ID 238974

Christian Kaul

MD @airbnb UK, Founder A Space For Art, Founder @groupon Australia, • PhD @university College London

ID 62610

Kes Thygesen

Co-Founder & Head of Product at @rolepoint; Previous co-founded multi-award winning startup (OVIA) based on MSc dissertation, scaled to Fortune 500 clients.

ID 260625

Nitin Singhal


Nitin is an active angel investor in over three dozen start-ups in India, US & UK. Nitin also invests in real estate & mining.

ID 151924

Kate Jhaveri


Consumer marketing. Previously at @facebook, @microsoft. I love new gadgets, clean design, comfortable chairs, most foods, being underwater and everything about the NFL.

ID 64872

Tamas Locher

Founder of Purpose Industries Co-founder & CEO of @lookk

ID 3667

Don Birch

Angel mentor specialising in travel and travel related value stories. Blue chip Asia background (Swire Group) and deep experience in all aspects of travel

ID 57647

Kirsten Connell

General Manager @seedcamp

ID 35277

Randeep Wilkhu


Venture capital investor by passion - Entrepreneur at heart Current investor and/or board member @executesales-ltd,  @boku, @smarkets, @callsign-2, @9flats-com

ID 109912

Jimmy Maymann


Co-Founder @neo Ideo, @goviral • CEO at @ The Huffington Post and Angel investor.

ID 237166

Damien Lane


Partner at Episode 1 - Early Stage UK software investor

ID 562142

Chris Ash


Interested in early stage tech product development in mobile/tablet in most sectors. Gaming specialist.

ID 132293

Ryan Kiskis


Founder @martini-media-network • Worked at @amazon-web-services-3, @causata, @venrock, @xfire • Studied at @stanford-university, @princeton-university

ID 528234

Faisal Galaria


Part of the early teams at Skype, Kayak and Spotify

ID 297723



co-founded ustwo, ustwogames (maker of Monument Valley) and DICE - the worlds smartest ticketing app with zero booking fees.

ID 224773

Jan Owen Rees


Over 25 years spent working with retail payments. Now incubating the next generation of payments for the internet era.

ID 89716

Andy Ashburner

Designer & Over Drinker of Coffee. Ex Yahoo, MTV, Caffeinehit & Pin Drop.

ID 367029

Tamsin Todd

Building great customer propositions through product & marketing. Betfair, Microsoft, Amazon. Also Princeton CTNAT board member, TEDxFulhamWomen Founder.

ID 80131

Milo Yiannopoulos

I'm Editor-in-Chief of @the-kernel, Europe's new quality technology magazine.

ID 258750

Annie Miller

Business Development (Yahoo!, Tiffany & Co.), Strategy & Operations (Yahoo!, Tiffany & Co., Accenture), Corp. Finance (Disney), Wharton MBA, Brown University, US Citizen authorized to work in the UK.

ID 57696

Gerald Rimer


Senior Partner (retired) @index-ventures

ID 22104

Rory Stirling


VC in London @mmc-ventures

ID 62347

Elsa Said-Armanet

Business Development @livingsocial. Worked at @samsung, @mckinsey & Company @sony. Global Strategist and Mobile Software Developer.

ID 78228

Andrew Jude Rajanathan


Marketing/Analytics/Strategy @twitter @liv-ex & @groupon. I have a strong understanding of marketplaces, consumer tech & the media. LSE Graduate.

ID 701392

Ben Drury


Co-Founded 7digital (IPO in 2014), Helped found (Sold to Yahoo in 2003), Board Member at Intercede plc and 7digital. Investor in 8tracks, Upmysport

ID 368117

Etan Ilfeld


I'm a London-based entrepreneur (owner of a bookstore, and a co-owner of a publishing company) with interests in big data and location based innovation.

ID 25087

David Gildeh

CEO & Co-Founder of @dataloop. Previously Director of Cloud Services at @alfresco after they acquired my first start-up @sambastream.

ID 273961

Hilary Szymujko

Head up all things startups, investors + mentors @blueprinthk. Previously Investment Manager @seedcamp. @yale-university University

ID 231392

Alidad Moghaddam

Entrepreneur & investor • Co-Founder @simpleehost • Product, marketing, strategy & ops • Worked @bain-company, @american-express • Studied @brown-university, @harvard-business-school

ID 7881

Zak Tanjeloff


Founder @dlp-mobile, JackedPack • Worked at @harvard-university University • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 435684

Michael A. Selepec II

Co-founder at @pick. Early at @yammer. I like working with disruptive technologies and bringing them to market. I enjoy Product & Design.

ID 435279

Freddie Achom


Founder Rosemont Group Capital Partners LLC

ID 120998

Nishul Saperia


Founding Member at $5bn financial services firm @markit • Studied at @imperial-college-london-2. Launched multiple businesses across London and New York

ID 103849

Lokman KURIS


Operation Manager at @uber FR

ID 216049

George Johnston

Co founder @incubusldn, Engineer @huddle, Global Business competition UK and Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

ID 67858

Jon Darke

Every Interaction are a small independent UI/UX design studio in London working with startups & SMEs on web apps, mobile apps and websites

ID 216882

Robert Smith

Mr. Smith is the Syndicate Lead for Media Li²ght Entertainment , BitCoin India, Nonlinear Film Technology and The Exchange Visionary Laboratories,

ID 41805

Jalin Somaiya


'COO' & marketer, mentor & advisor. Formerly: Googler, strat consultant, Oxford grad, MBA.

ID 493874

Jay Patani


Analyst at EC1 Capital, an early stage $15m web and mobile tech investment firm based in London.

ID 279

Damion Hankejh


Investor, Intellectual Property Guru, Smithsonian Laureate CTO at @Majestyk -- founder @instantservice (now Oracle), VirtualOR (now Swedish Medical) --

ID 194907

Jonathan Siao

Co-founder Marvel • Worked at @nokia, @badoo

ID 87290

Nicholas Heller


Technology/ Media/ Telecoms/ Finance. Entrepreneur. Non-Exec Board Member. Advisor. Mentor. Investor. Xoogler.

ID 34

Daniel Heaf


Investor in @mybuilder, @audioboo, @newspaperclub-co-uk.

ID 298483

Ashesh C Shah (alex)


Board member/Investor @good-co Adviser @whisk-3 Board/Investor @RevolutionWear Board/Investor @Kingfish do Brasil Investor @black Duck Software 3 patents

ID 46513

Zoltan Vardy


Investor with media, content, advertising and tech focus in Europe. 20 yrs of int'l C-level media industry experience. $25K-$50K per round. Board-level support.

ID 266445

Nikos Soulitzis

Worked at @wimdu • Studied at @kingston-university-london, @university-of-brighton

ID 491464

Stephen Chandler

ID 412875

Chris de Sibert


Worked at @hsbc, @bank-of-america • Studied at @tufts-university

ID 461983

Aboud Khaddam


Co Founder of Rock E Ventures, investing in technology and hospitality startups in the UK, US, and the Middle East.

ID 13941

Davide Casali

Designing Experiences at Automattic • Design Advisor • Product Manager • @baker-framework Founder • Startup and corporate experience

ID 35488

Rodolfo Rosini

Founder/CEO, @storybricks (artificial intelligence). 3x VC funded, 1 exit (encryption). Worked on EverQuest.

ID 152720

Alex Viall


ID 75785

Thomas Stone

Founder @predictionio • Worked at @silicon-valley-bank @general-assembly • PhD Candidate at @university-college-london-1

ID 424077

Chris Ellis


Lot's of digital experience from Netscape, AOL, MySpace, IGN, trad media (Trinity Mirror) & launching innovative new services like UsVsTh3m, Ampp3d,

ID 87965

Marc Holgate

10 years mobile design experience with @intel, @telefonica, @qualcomm, @taptu, @yahoo and @skype. Proud parent.

ID 104210

Gonz Ferrero


Building Asia's first digital media venture studio

ID 143758

Guillem Valls Rams

International start-up experience in product marketing, business development, product management, project management and consulting. Engineer, MSc Tech Mgmt.

ID 63500

Christopher Le Breton

Co-Founder and CEO @rolepoint.

ID 121848

Ivan Porto Carrero

CTO at Mojolly

ID 367014

Alex Shebar

Yelp's first Community Director for Europe. Based out of London. @YelpLondon. Loves a good speakeasy bar.

ID 40056

Omid Ashtari

Philomath humanitarian technophile polycultural pescetarian atheist. 10 years at @google & @foursquare. Currently General Manager at @citymapper.

ID 469187

Felix Malpartida

Co-Founder and Partner @ Mobile Value Partners • Results oriented exec in corporates & startups. Strong bias to action, strategy & biz dev @p&G @Bernstein @vodafone

ID 33170

Mike Lebus


Founder at @angel-investment-network-ltd, which now runs 30 angel networks in over 80 countries. Also a regular blogger on all things "angel"

ID 214792

Pedro Morais

Mobile Developer at Yammer London, wrote a book on Python, interested in all kinds of technologies.

ID 165351

Pier Paolo Mucelli

Founder, CEO of @eoffice, beautiful coworking office space for entrepreneurs, startups, media/tech companies, in Soho/London + over 150 global partner centres

ID 95412

Scott Taylor


CEO @midrive • Founder @peeky • Founder @carnaby-labs • Advisor @ec1capital • Investor @coupang and @mavrx

ID 155162

Shannon Edwards

CEO @styloko • Writer • Started @fashionrocks-com • Worked @popsugar @ebay @netflix • Non-Exec & FRSA • Studied @cornell-university @northwestern-university-1

ID 218751

Dominique Burgauer


Angel. Formerly @goldman-sachs &@Zouk. Investor @healthcrowd & @Cambrian Genomics. @wharton-school-1, @university-of-pennsylvania-seas, @singularity-university

ID 22644

Joseph Kim


VC investing in mobile and related technologies. General Partner at @m8-capital. Venture Partner at AGC Equity Partners.

ID 391407

Jack Graham


Co-founder at Raw Press. Research Analyst at Fidelity Investments for 6 years. Masters in European Business with Distinction from ESCP Europe

ID 27403

Jen O'Neal

Founder & CEO of @tripping-com

ID 103892

Tom Savage

Founder PeopleGraph (500 Startups) & 2 prev. Social Entrepreneur of the Year & UK Prime Minister's 'Everyday Hero'. 2x scholarships Business @oxford-university

ID 205086

Saalim Chowdhury

Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @news-corporation, @scansafe • Studied at @oxford-university, @university-of-cambridge, @london-school-of-economics

ID 168828

Mikko Martikainen

CEO & Co-Founder of @sayduck. Worked in VFX companies (@the-mill, @method-studios) around the world. Strong tech & creative background. Founder of @miculeney

ID 216470

Oliver Beattie

Co-founder of @ellumia. CTO, hacker, strategy and design. Previously: @lucky-voice, @nokia, several other UK + US startups.

ID 571975

Lisett Luik

Senior associate at @gradminds-1, worked at @transferwise, @return-path • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 204898

Michael Edwards


Inspire Group Investments Partner

ID 199911

David Norris


co-founder and CEO @MDInsiderCorp, serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, avid traveler, passionate foodie, and I cycle whenever and wherever possible.

ID 75345

Rob Robinson


Investor / Entrepreneur / Executive Managing Director @hyper-ventures

ID 75888

Sorin Sbârnea

Another guy that keeps thinking that technology will bring the ultimate answer and that aims to design extraordinary software solutions for less geeky people.

ID 50062

Micheil Smith

Node.js Engineer with a focus on product design and direction.

ID 24706

Bert De Reyck

Professor at @london-business-school School, Head of Dept at UCL

ID 741791

Farooq Abbasi


Investor @dn-capital

ID 391885

Ash (Ashish) Puri


Passionate about @consumer-internet @e-commerce @software-1 VC @episode-1 (ex - @partech-ventures @sofinnova-partners ) Prev Entrepreneur @rockin & @asos

ID 267685

James Ski

VP Sales @ometria | Previously made enterprise sales for @huddle | Chairman @twbsalumni | Dad *2

ID 120144

Leon Liebman


ID 286295

James Brooke

CPO @wimdu. Previously Head of Product & Community @pact-1, product and ops @housetrip, launching for @travelzoo and product @expedia.

ID 108750

David Yu

Former CEO of @betfair Group plc. Worked as a Technology Executive at several firms. MS @stanford-university University, BS University of California, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 317806

Charles Wiles


CEO and Founder of Zzish.

ID 85331

Reda Khatim


ID 614579

Mark Val

GM Europe PlayFab. Opened offices for @unity & @ubisoft. Ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, award-winning developer with 15 years of experience.

ID 701535

Gence Emek

MSc Management candidate at LSE; Experience in sales, hedge fund industry, enterprise solutions, and business development; Co-founder of a fintech start-up.

ID 176104

Matthew Livingston

CS graduate from the University of Bristol. Currently Customer Solutions Engineer @qubit in London. Worked at @memrise, @paypal & Engage Sciences.

ID 387930

Ricky Thomas


Founded Petmeds (europe) sold July 2012 (3rd business) Startup mentor, investor, tech architect

ID 189956

Iván Jorge Gadeschi

Product Director @yplan Worked at @badoo

ID 16834

Barrie James Robinson

Founder of Clip. Clip simplifies the creation of rich media channels for unique experience-driven brands. Clip is creative, collaborative and experiential.

ID 163488

Trent Hawthorne

Former banker, now entrepreneur. I've worked with KYCK's talented Founder Mac Lackey for 7 years, & I try to enable him to do what he does best. Servant leader.

ID 89958

Harjee Singh


Investment Analyst @generation-investment-management. Co-Founder & Director @t-e-z-renewable.

ID 338926

Christopher Finneral

Founder @sketchdeck • Founder Datoral • @mckinsey-company • Studied engineering at @university-of-cambridge

ID 78144

Tom Himpe


Freelance strategist on intersection of brands, content & services. Worked in innovative agencies in London, San Fran & Brussels. Book author.

ID 159983

Anton Pasechnikov


Founder, Investor and CEO at @trdata. 16 years in managerial roles @credit-suisse and @rbs : Emerging Markets trading EMBA @london-business-school School

ID 269741

Teo Ruiz

Currently freelancing as a Software and infrastructure architect and engineering lead

ID 134711

Alex Ley

Founder @nerdability the online tech resume• Developing for @covestor, previously @accenture. Studied CS @university-of-surrey

ID 86537

Bretton Putter

Managing Partner - Forsyth Group Venture Search, Investor in Seedcamp I & II, closet entrepreneur.

ID 162725

Shawn Zvinis

VP Product at @yoyo-3 @wayra ; Previously Founder at @tab-1 @seedcamp

ID 493956

Christopher Jenkins

Android architect, developer, engineer and drummer. Always keeping an eye on the industry.

ID 132753

Sarvesh Govindappa

Product Manager at Seatwave

ID 196669

Chris Hoskin

CMO @ Innoverne | Ex-CMO at Artesian Solutions, Lithium & Salmon | Driven by customer orientation & making a commercial impact in B2B Marketing

ID 323812

John Earner

CEO and Cofounder of Space Ape, a tablet mobile gaming startup in London. Previously the first product manager at Playfish

ID 77233

Suzanne Biegel


Catalyst at Large

ID 39460

Enrico Pandian


Founder @prezzipazzi-it

ID 61807

George Henry

working with portfolio companies @indexventures, Founded @kicktable, Sandbox Network Brussels Ambassador

ID 580996

Vivienne Sung

Founder @llustre • Worked at @houzz, @fab-com • Studied at @oxford-university

ID 93866

Daniel Hough

Independent web and mobile developer. Interests in web, local, text processing, open-source & community. Get in touch if you'd like to work together.

ID 420489

eric kump


Individual investor

ID 56368

Marcin Grodzicki

Founder, BOOM

ID 238662

Arnaud Loiseau


ID 208636

Rob Fitzpatrick

Tech entrepreneur and custdev guy. I run and blog at Previously founder of 3 tech startups in the valley & UK.

ID 138297

Steven Begeda


Director, System Sales at Zetron, Inc (subsidiary of JVC KENWOOD). Investor in @buddy.

ID 218619

Jan Simmonds

Founder and CEO at y0urs (Stealth) also with various interests, material or otherwise in a variety of different businesses. See LinkedIn for details!

ID 367270

Alexander Peh

British, Australian & Malaysian Citizenship. All things Mobile, Emerging Tech & eCommerce. Android Advocate.

ID 120764

Alex Shevelenko


CEO @GlocalPartners (knowhow without borders), @stanford-university MBA. Pre-IPO, @successfactors (6 yrs: product mktg, sales, new ventures, EMEA leader)

ID 110213


Student at HETIC, multidisciplinary Master degree (programming, Online Marketing, Design) Full-stack marketer & product manager GDG Paris organizer

ID 72977

Ian Clark


Financial Services Consultant and Contractor

ID 441

Marc P. Bernegger

fintech entrepreneur, co-founder of @amiando (WEF Global Technology Pioneer, exit to @xing) and @usgang-ch (exit to Axel Springer), finance 2.0 & banking 2.0

ID 721

Eamonn Carey


Founder of Head of Digital at MHP in London. Mentor at Techstars and advisor to Kiip and others. Writer for Wired, Mashable and others.

ID 499820

Sebastian von L'Estocq


Founder @interact-io, CEO and Founder @propositum-ag • Investor @interact-io, Investor @ringio • Studied at @university-of-bayreuth

ID 29476

Christian Braun


CEO @hobbydb; formerly Europe's largest @ebay vendor, VC @ge-capital , consulted @bain-company & MBA @london-business-school-2

ID 338393

Dan Mahoney

E-Commerce business specialist, with extensive international trading experience.

ID 538290

Federico Bucchi

Front End Engineer, UXD

ID 219700

Mark Warms


A co-founder of FX Alliance, taking the company from start-up to $620M IPO. Looking to help fledgling and medium size companies accelerate growth. Selectively investing where my experience will add value.

ID 179122

Henrik Zillmer

CEO and Founder of AirHelp. Serial entrepreneur with background in the army, international biz and online service and products. Started more than 15 companies.

ID 40059

Sander Saar

Int. Product Director @makers-studio, previously product manager @aol, ex @seedcamp and @garage48. Passionate about content, products and technologies.

ID 106870

Rob Long

VP Business Development @workable

ID 147857

Simon Cast

Co-founder @prodpad; Co-organiser, @MindTheProduct, @PCampLDN, @ProductTank; Passionate about creating great products (and wildlife)

ID 445243

Neil Bryant

Founder SayPublic • Worked at @badoo • Studied at @university-of-east-anglia-norwich

ID 724859

Damien Healy


VP Technology & Operations EMEA for the world's largest programmatic advertising business, Xaxis.

ID 392119

Ben Nunney

Studied at @university-of-bradford, founded @enviromatch, ran developer engagement at @microsoft, now look after The UK & Netherlands at @twilio.

ID 162192

Wayne Gibbins


Vice President at Notion Capital, investing across Europe in the best B2B SaaS companies at Seed & Series A stage

ID 287816

Stefano Buliani

Founder • Worked at @covestor and a number of other startups. Passionate about tech, mobile and cloud

ID 299057

Martyn Davies

Pro Nerd. Mentor. Developer relations. API implementation specialist.

ID 377

Ants Patrik Maran

Startup initiator, advisor, innovator actively seeking the Next Big Thing. Win contracts pre product, form strategies on the go and enjoy being on the road.

ID 412841

Gregor Kurth


Principal investor in the infrastructure sector, with focus on European utilities.

ID 114874

Juan Cartagena

Founder CEO @traity. MBA (HHons) @booth-school-of-business. MEng in EE. Previous experience in strategy, product management, sales

ID 45998

James Gill

Founder + CEO + Designer of @gosquared

ID 134612

Rob Hinds

Founder of @nerdability. Senior engineer @covestor. Previously @accenture

ID 253103

David Rodriguez

General Manager @hailo . Founder Viajillo • Worked at @jp-morgan, @eurosport • Studied at @esc-reims

ID 63753

Jeremy Acklam

Co-launched @thetrainline-com, launched @quno-com & mobile payment startup.Strong business, travel & online IT background (Virgin, @atos-origin).

ID 201106

Leonard Austin

Senior Full Stack Engineer at HailoCab. 1st Class Hons BSc Physics and Space Science from @university-of-leicester

ID 398546

Paul Murphy

Co-founder Clarify. 3rd startup. Engineer. Have worked in NY, London, Buenos Aires.

ID 200487


Producer @GA_London, former Associate Consultant @theupgroup & TMT Manager @GLGinc. Obsessive trekker and hiker, founder @weekendwalkers.

ID 470416

William Ho

Experienced in Design & Branding as well as other disciplines such as Marketing, Web Design, Product Design, Interactive Design and UX Design Will has consulting globally.

ID 81675

Visual Idiot

Designer with a love for clean pixels, breathtaking typography, semantic markup and awful puns.

ID 6869

Ian Wilson

Japan Market Entry Manager and Senior AI Developer at Skimlinks (User Intent and Text understanding), Founder of @expressi (emotional relevance), @emotion-ai. Co Founded @zukool (machine learning / recommendation). BSc Artificial Intelligence.

ID 237096

Chris Shepherd

Founder @wrky • Worked as product manager at @huddle, @bbc-worldwide, @tesco

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 80348

Rod Banner

Technology Marketing lifer, (now totally obsessed by social), acclaimed geekster, passionate fan of techno, humanity and overfunning.

ID 140990

Thomas Power

Non-Executive Director on 6 Boards. Married to @pennypower for 22 years. 3 grown up children. 2 dogs +447827912055

ID 356522

Leonardo Falaschini

Cross-platform UI+UX designer experienced in mobile devices and game consoles. Bullet-Proof Adobe PS, Flash and Illustrator user. Worked at Globant and Ubisoft.

ID 41705

Leith Stevens


SVP BD at @nor1. Previously Co-founder/CEO @flextrip, acq by @nor1. @techstars for life.

ID 6011

Jason Dainter

Co-Founder of Trooply

ID 104771

Chuka Amadi

design @childishgambino | @disneyaccel • worked at @techstars & @betaltd • Studied at @startupinst • Designed for @powerinbox, @eyenetra & @zagster.

ID 518147

Ricardo Amaro

★ DevOps Cloud Engineer ★ ★ Expert on Infrastructure Automation and Performance ★

ID 131992

Bernard Dalle


Partner at @index-ventures

ID 87869

Benjamin Page


Supporting local entrepreneurs and global investors at Invest in Skåne | Producer of NordicNext | I drink good coffee and ride my bike to work

ID 144533

Craig Edmunds


Currently head up tech at Fly Victor. Previously co-founded @whiskapp. Solution architecture / development / consultancy background.

ID 218868

Keir McConomy


Founder / CEO at @stuffster. Founder / CEO at @sellmymobile-com. Investor at @oxygenaccel

ID 412297

Oliver Shapleski


Legal and business advice for eight years of start-ups

ID 46894

Allan Berger

Co-founder & CCO of @blossom. UX & UI Design. High Traffic @facebook Apps for @red-bull, Jim Beam, Syoss. Computer Science at @vienna-technical-university University

ID 482355

Zander Brade

ID 266494

Amanda Tiffany Foley

Freelancer for tech startups, specializing in content strategy, community management, social media, marketing, copywriting, events, etc.

ID 253630

Julien de Salaberry


Reg. head and GM. 15+ yrs in healthcare w/ leading brands. Global leader w/ cross-cultural mindset. Advisor to startups & incubators in healthcare & technology.

ID 272116

Osvaldo Spadano

Founder/CEO @elastera, Pioneer of SaaS e-commerce/CTO @venda, @storesco, CTO @alexandalexa-com @yoox

ID 45841

Frank Keeling

Advisory Board. Experienced mobile, web executive: CEO, MD,COO games and tech companies @glu-mobile, @in-fusio, @real-networks, @vodafone, @freeserve,AOL

ID 164980

Stéphane Maniaci

I divide my time between coffee and arguing with the machine.

ID 289894

Tobias Otte

Engineer @lyst , perviously @xing

ID 421031

Dan Symons

Worked at @songkick, @hype-1 • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 65796

Kyle Michelson

Founder of @streamup - Watch and Broadcast Live Video. Seed Funded. @university-of-southern-california, @london-school-of-economics.

ID 178143

Colyn Montgomery

Leading Product at Mofilm - revolutionising crowdsourcing for high-quality creative development and video production.

ID 133499

Fran Pérez

Proud Co-Founder of @funddy. Speedy minded Product Designer and coder wannabe. Sometimes medium runner and hardcore gamer.

ID 741888

Ricardo Schäfer


Business Development Seedcamp

ID 117719

Sylvio Drouin


ID 177847

Bogdan Suchyk


Founder and CEO @mytips & @motify-me-1. Entrepreneur and growth hacker apprentice. Passionate about gaming, UX design and front-end development.

ID 461229

Benjamin Lambert

Worked at @nexmo, @telefonica-digital-tu, @rothschild • Studied at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 30367

Tom Montgomery


[email protected] Capital. [email protected] Beers. Fmr Head of Group [email protected] [email protected]

ID 199501

Stefano Pochet

Growth Hacker @blikbook , Ex Growth Hacker @visually Ex CTO Ciaopeople, Founder of Freebar, Nealab and oStream. Resume:

ID 544406

William Clifford

Postgraduate student with work experience across North America, London and Hong Kong - seeking full time role for Sept. 2015

ID 32906

Jeff Lynn


CEO and co-founder of @seedrs; Chairman of @coadec; formerly Co-Chair at SBS Venture Fund & lawyer at Sullivan and Cromwell

ID 317770

Namrata Bostrom

Co-Founder & CEO of Experience in sales and product strategy at EDITD, former consultant at Boston Consulting Group (London), LBS MBA (2013)

ID 87446

Michelle Coventry


Founder @maven-ventures-executive-search • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @forward-partners • Investor @powderject • Studied at @columbia-business-school

ID 318064

Alice Bonasio

Creative PR, Marketing & Communications professional with extensive international B2C and B2B experience and excellent academic background.

ID 114097

David O'Flynn


ID 480596

Martin Campbell


Communications and strategy adviser to the ethical revolutionaries of UK financial services.

ID 39994

Nuno Job

Geek. Open-source enthusiast. CCO @nodejitsu. Founder @thenodefirm & curator @lxjs

ID 58492

Tom Eilon

Director at Thinkubator Partners

ID 370538

Phil Cowans

Technologist with an interest in creating and leading highly productive teams. Currently at Macmillan / Nature Publishing Group, previously at Songkick.

ID 159369


Working at @hailo • Studied at @epita, @rmit-university

ID 119005

Vic van Gool

Founder & CTO of Cloud 66. Take your code to the cloud in 5 minutes

ID 180268

Ben Godfrey

Technology leader specialising in lean software delivery in fast-growth organisations. Veteran of 3 startups and growing Wonga into a heavyweight.

ID 553743

Nawid Ali-Abbassi

Purpose: Connecting the dots /// Experienced building products, brands and organizations.

ID 180630

L.w. Constance Kang


Meant to be a lawyer, dropped out and choose to be an entrepreneur+artist. Lover of commerce and technology. Risking is fun. Built first successful co. at 16.

ID 305421

Stephen Whitworth

Data Analyst @hailo, graduated top of class. Obsessive optimiser, perma-hacker.

ID 56592

Alex van Someren


BBC Micro urchin at Acorn; author of the first ARM book; Dot Com survivor at 35; two exits through IPOs: ANT, nCipher; only FTSE CEO with a pony-tail :-)

ID 328182

Hiten Patel

FD - High Growth Businesses

ID 53584

Paul Papadimitriou

Innovation strategy, founder @intelligencr. Advisor, angel investor, focus on emerging & frontier markets and emerging technologies.

ID 148916

Razvan ROMAN

Founder @two-tap -- the universal shopping cart

ID 350455

Simon Kempner

Oxford CS with Architecture, Consulting and startup experience; Worked at Accenture, AppNexus

ID 530323

James Moed

Business designer, user insight wrangler, facilitator, & fin. services nerd. Ex-Director @ideo. Now Advisor @Anthemis & gun for hire. @insead-1 @brown-university

ID 427646

Ben Newell

Products @huddle

ID 742049

A Darian

Full stack engineer, language polyglot

ID 141767

Erez Yerushalmi

Repeat entrepreneur. Innovator with massive background in turning ideas into operating businesses. Founder in numerous start-ups. M.Sc. Product

ID 367159

Gareth James

CTO turned entrepreneur / non-exex, Founder @intilery, advisor/non-exe @kabbee, advisor/investor @bikmo, Board Member @the-hut-group

ID 5964

Ami Shpiro


Founder Innovation Warehouse, Clicksoftware. Angel, entrepreneur, experiential mentor, software developer.

ID 438588

James Peters

Director @Scedestaffing currently consulting @skyscanner. Ex Hailo & Skype. Dad of one little man Noah. #MUFC fan. I'm all about #socialmedia & #recruiting

ID 169018

James Padolsey

Software Engineer at Stripe

ID 126780

Gilbert Wedam

Current: Lead Designer at @citymapper Previous: Co-Founder @lookk

ID 739816

Calum Hudson

Adaptable and agile professional who has delivered significant results in a short amount of time at one the UK’s most successful start-ups.

ID 329755

Tiago Teixeira Correia

Business oriented LBS MiM 2012. Founder of college consulting start-up. Knowledge-junkie and TEDxYouth speaker. Worked at Amazon, CNN and PwC.

ID 357181

Nick Lally

ID 10507

Alessandro Rizzoli

Co-Founder and CEO at @mopapp; Founded 2 previous startups and led into profitability in 2 years.

ID 129540

Tom Brammar


Finance, tech and media. Founder @premia-capital, @node-1. Co-founder @financial-times-tilt @l-o-a-f

ID 37933

Josh Russell


Currently: UK Government Digital Service. Mentor @seedcamp. Board @ City Meets Tech Previously @bonfire, @microsoft, @comic-relief.

ID 71402

Jeremy Arditi

Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 192750

Charlie Harrington

Business development at @knewton, spreadsheets at @morganstanley, college chairman of non-profit, history at @georgetown

ID 132134

Daniell Robertson

Made in England. Millennial. BA + MBA from @rollins-college. Mobile Strategy + Biz Dev at @adroll.

ID 199265

Chris Hollindale

Co-founder & CTO of @zesty-1, Mentor at @techstars London. Oxford mathematician, finishing top 10 in my class. Five years financial software consultancy experience serving FTSE 100 clients.

ID 180775

Heather Russell

Rinkya MFCEO, entrepreneur, resident nerd, techie, otaku, pimp, Ironman Born & raised in Brooklyn, lived in Tokyo for 11 years, just moved to London.

ID 178480

Matt Clifford

ID 404

Ali Ahmed

Founder @lutebox • Previously EIR @groupon

ID 462373

Matt Lerner


London UK, Works @ PayPal, Mentors @500startups on database & digital marketing, payments.

ID 39967

Dan Rubin

designer, singer, photographer, barbershop harmony aficionado, philosopher, polymath; improving the world through design. also, half-English by birth. ⁂

ID 182314

Matt Dempsey

Co-founder & UX Designer @togethera. Co-founder at @camayak. Previously @facebook Product Design Intern. Portfolio at

ID 560040

Guzmán Díaz

Finance at Hailo

ID 759749

Caoimhe Cox

Head of Account Management at programmatic advertising company, ex google, salesforce. Strong relationship building, sales and media experience.

ID 540964

Matt Heath

Engineering @hailo

ID 262893

Arturo Sánchez Correa

MSc Computational Statistics & Machine Learning candidate

ID 526005

[email protected]

Worked at @socrata, @microsoft • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 630897

David Vignoni

Digital Product Designer

ID 124165

Richard Youngman


Owner Anvil Partners LLP. Former Chairman of Pearce Holdings MD of Appleby Westward. Venture, Advisory, Investment

ID 382305

Eamonn Gahan

Self taught full stack developer with a slight focus towards Frontend

ID 393907

Ahmad Bakhiet

Founder @sellplex • Previously at @seedcamp, @google, @accenture • MSc @university-college-london • Alum @startupchile • Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

ID 89485

Shamal Ranasinghe

Entrepreneur serving artists with a focus on new product development in media. @fluence CoFounder and @topspin-media CoFounder. Stanford MBA.

ID 179077

David Anderson

Run Operations & Finance at @songkick. Worked at @google and OC&C Strategy Consultants • Studied at @university-of-cambridge

ID 183657

Kyle Poretto

Sales at @yext and @singleplatform .Currently Biz Dev @newscred

ID 262060

Dave Killeen

ID 431318

Greg Billinge

Product & Operations Director at Resolver. Previously at @busuu-1, @badoo, @mblox • Studied at @university-of-leeds

ID 186626

Nathan Guetta

Worked at @dailymotion, @vodafone

ID 130883

Natalie Downe

Enthusiastic front-end developer and entrepreneur

ID 495182

Carl Zide

Head of Public Relations at Badoo. 15 years of experience in PR, Marketing and Internal Communications from Telecom, Search, Gambling and Social Networking.

ID 64526

Karl Gusner

Founder @goodaudience (@techstars London '14), @marqueed, @mixy-tv • Worked at @google • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 82990

James Harrison

Founder @insurancewide-com, @safeonline-com • CEO at @ontrade, Board member @conference-hound • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @university-of-bristol

ID 388087

Sia Houchangnia


Portfolio Analyst & tech enthusiast @seedcamp • Founder & travel addict @tripflr • Alumni @esade @university-of-kent @ernst-and-young @ubs

ID 1278

Yoel Flohr

Founder @ventuation-inc, Thirty Labs Inc • Investor @epoxy-tv • Studied at @university-st-gallen, @london-school-of-economics

ID 201025

Barbara Somlai

Co-Founder @snug • Worked at @skimlinks, @cambellrigg • Studied at @university-of-westminster-uk

ID 807039

Jeremy Rawlinson

Hustling generalist looking for new exciting start up opportunities. Worked at onefinestay as a launcher.

ID 75465

Gideon Bullock

Design direction at

ID 205304

Seb Insua

Worked at @hailo, @bizzby, @boppl, @we-r-interactive, @saffron-digital

ID 880792

Fabio Fiore

Enterprise Account Executive with 13 years of sales experience selling with great success for companies such as PTC, Bindview, Symantec, Huddle and Yammer.

ID 235774

Yuan Gao

Founder @mavrx • PhD student at @oxford-university • Electronics and embedded systems specialist • Worked at McLaren Automotive

ID 84953

Azmat Yusuf

Founder of @citymapper. Previously: @google, WorldBank, Seedcamp, venture capital, bum.

ID 169031

Brian Hoadley

Founder at Burnt Fingers and Marco & Bee. 18y UX/Product Design, 25y Tech. Worked projects with BBC, Channel 4, @microsoft, Lonely Planet, Sony, UK Gov, etc

ID 337026

Boris Devouge

Areas of expertise include Cloud Technologies, Presales, Consulting and Services. Specialized in supporting early sales of disruptive technologies, Prince2 certified PM, enthusiast and motivated, I do what is required for the business to thrive.

ID 210851

Jono Lewis

Worked at @google, @youtube • Studied at @university-of-cambridge

ID 14232

Liam Patterson

Co-Founder of Eco Market

ID 469529

William Hines


Angel investor with over 10 years of emerging market consumer goods experience. In search of brands that have ex-usa potential.

ID 142965

Stevie Graham

Launched @twilio outside US. First Non-US hire.

ID 128688

Jade Sehbat

Founder & CEO @sorted, Investor @asianbride-me, extensive experience with start ups. great at getting things done, always learning!

ID 540549

Ben Phillips

Founded @playfire, sold in March 2012. Founded Thread, completed YC and set about changing how men buy clothes.

ID 10916

Jason Trost

CEO / Founder of @smarkets. American expat. @northwestern-university CS grad.

ID 297053

Matthew Ogle

Founder @this-is-my-jam. Music / product / tech. Ex- @last-fm, @the-echo-nest. A Canadian in London.

ID 98844

Fabio Pezzotti


Internet and Mobile Entrepreneur. Owner at Xandas New Media Ventures, founded Mobango Ltd, Xoom S.p.a., Webnext S.p.a. Co-founder at Chupamobile Ltd. Investor at Cibando Ltd, Pointstic

ID 621078

Julia Fourey-Jones

In-house Resourcing / Recruiting Manager

ID 100782

Felix Meissner


ID 645586

Florin Buga

Worked at @seedcamp • Studied at @imperial-college-london-1, @universite-paris-sud

ID 102410

Ladislav Martincik

Tech lead at @foundum-s-l

ID 443987

Ryan Jones


Ryan Jones is a San Diego based British entrepreneur

ID 374200

Tom Layfield

Product Manager @skimlinks . Previously: PM @simply-business, PM @well-informed, Founder @acquisition-engine. Passionate about all things startup.

ID 329046

Jessica Lee

Former Office Mommy and Purveyor of All at @okcupid. Internationally minded, multilingual, and a quick and avid adopter of grand ideas. Teach me something new!

ID 408383

Pablo Serber


Customer CTO @emc in a pharma vertical, previously Chief Technologist @colt. ex @ibm.

ID 447346

James Cook

Web Developer @funding-circle

ID 119802

Tom Bowles

Oxford PhD, AI and Machine Learning, Worked at @precog, @university-of-oxford • Studied at @oxford-university

ID 339165

Julia Petrushenko

Software developer at Nexmo

ID 363215

Anand Ramdeo

Founded Planned Departure. Known as @testinggeek in my professional network - Jack of all - love to build new things and trying to build a business now.

ID 469603

Henrique Alves

Product Engineer

ID 7205

Richard Burton

I like to make useful things.

ID 534355

James T Fletcher DipCAM (DigitalM)

Social & Digital Marketing Entrepreneur with history in launching SaaS companies (Buyapowa, OnApp/, Alfresco, CentraStage, AvePoint).

ID 285366

Kenny Tsang


ID 374245

Katy Turner

Worked at @videoplaza, @orange @EdenVentures

ID 17120

Al Sutton

Founded two startups, both profitable, merged after buying out a co-founder. Sold IP from one to global company to focus merged company.

ID 636911

Emma Ryan

ID 32902

Denzyl Feigelson


Strategic and current advisor to @apple & @itunes (since 2002). Founder & CEO of @awal, @hanaflowers-com. Musicpreneur. Investor with Micheli Associates.

ID 138580

Matteo Berlucchi

Founder Anobii, Livestation, Vini Italiani, Skinkers, startup CEO, digital ninja

ID 353183

Oli West

Founder of Adme. Experienced marketer.

ID 281530

Nicola Greco

Wired Top 10 under 25 in Italy. Previously @seedcamp , @mozilla and founder of @brunoapp

ID 548792

Dave Haynes

Experienced business development guy with successful track record.

ID 135713

Andras Bencsik

Co-founder @antavo. Startupper. Ex-banker @lloyds-banking-group. Strong business and analytical background (CUB, CEMS MIM), passed all levels of the CFA exams.

ID 166935

James Olden


An ideas man. Direct my own. Invest in others. A GTM strategist working with the teams looking to take innovative, benefit-driven, propositions to market.

ID 521413

Torsten de Riese

Leading media expert based in London - experience in publishing, broadcasting and start-ups

ID 109922

Rene Rechtman


CEO Goviral I SVP AOL Advertising Group International

ID 7867

Marc Farrell

Founder @fanlime

ID 130158

Linus Dahg


Early Stage VC at Wellington Partners

ID 378155

Fraser Doherty MBE


Founder: UK's best-loved 100% fruit jam company, SuperJam. Co-founder: the world's largest craft beer club, Investor in food/drink tech companies.

ID 391717

Nina Wieczorek

Founder @fitsu-co

ID 183033

Vyacheslav Polonski

PhD student @oxford-university @harvard-university • Global Shaper @world-economic-forum • Prev @entrepreneur-first @rocket-internet @london-school-of-economics

ID 124511

Tom Cavill

Product and UI designer in London. Ex Lead Designer at Top10 (Accel, Founder Collective). Extensive startup experience w/ web, iOS, Spotify and other platforms.

ID 4093

Ditlev Bredahl


Investor in @just-eat.

ID 227179

Jackson Hull


Co-founded TurfCommerce (acquired by Sitoa Inc.), Chatterfly Inc (acquired by Plum District). CTO at onefinestay

ID 114944

Borja Martín

Founder @traity

ID 238026

Kyle McGinn

ID 278222

Mike Hann

VP of Sales @poq-studio. Previously Ecommerce Consultant @channeladvisor and Head of Ecommerce @xerox

ID 19902

Hemant Verma

Software Developer @

ID 407482

Ash Ali

Founder Fare Exchange Network Ltd • Marketing Director at @shopcade-1, @justeat , @videojug-com, sold first business at 19, part of £1.5 billion IPO in London

ID 96214

Siim Teller

Marketing for @OnDevice, interested in mobile and emerging markets. @skype & @techstars alumni, cyclist, surfer in need of a sea.

ID 267023

Dmitry Shakin


Worked at @gsa-capital-partners

ID 33557

Gary Cige

Entrepreneur & Tech enthusiast / ex-Criteo - Matchik - Zilok - Microsoft - EiR @ Le Camping Currently building Usine (

ID 475839

Pedro Pereira

Head of Marketing @uniplaces. Previously @adzuna, @forward-partners, @appearhere

ID 344495

Alex Foster

Founder of Race Yourself (Augmented Reality Exercise Games). Fourth startup, first full-time. Worked in Venture capital and M&A. Masters in Engineering from UCL.

ID 78171

Gearóid O'Rourke

Full stack startup designer.

ID 183888

Tina Baker

representing venture capital funds and emerging technology companies on international financings, exits and commercial transactions.

ID 41837

Piers Rollinson

CTO of @mitoo. Founded EpcessProperty during University (Sold in 2008). BSc Comp Sci.

ID 356336

Simon Lee


CEO & Co-founder @promisepay, Co-founded @lazu, built revenues of $1m per month in cloud, mobility & banking. Worked in UK, Paris, New York, Australia & NZ.

ID 235641

Matt Kuppers

Founder @menuspring, @startup-manufactory • Worked at @oxygenaccel, @straub-ventures • Studied at @london-school-of-economics, @said-business-school

ID 9730

Andrew Seddon

CEO of CircuitHub - YC W12 - EE University Of Leeds

ID 35407

Andrus Raudsalu

co-founder of @pult, co-founder/CEO of @delfi - largest news site in Baltic States (owns 40% of display ad market, acquired for € 54 M), co-founder/CEO NewsPin

ID 31813

Devan Koshal

Founder & CEO of Swipe, We're making @chec. @angelpad Alum. UI/UX & Full Stack Developer. Took Kout (now Ribbon) from dorm in UK to San Francisco in 3 months.

ID 145161

Justin Fitzpatrick

COO / CFO; @duedil ; Managing Director, EMEA; BrightWire; Vice President, Global Business Development; Gerson Lehrman Group

ID 433198

Adam Horner

Founder @satago • Worked at @palantir-technologies, @barclays-capital • Studied CS at @imperial-college-london-1

ID 335698

Tyron Yamaguchi

Digital product designer

ID 169816

Marko Kruustuk

Founder @testlio. Hacker since 12. Founded 1st software startup out of high school.

ID 119109

Daniel Kershaw

Founder, @linkatoo. Creative Thinker, Builder of Things

ID 493069

Tom Ryan


COO/Head of Ventures at @archer-gray. Worked at @barclays-investment-bank. Investor in @anthemis-group. Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 53891

Ryan Janssen


Mobile specialist VC with London's @m8-capital

ID 269050

Tom Hutchinson

Mobile Engineer specialising in iOS. Developed apps for some of the worlds largest brands and looking to help shape something big which genuinely makes peoples lives easier.

ID 153509

Piers Heaton-Armstrong


Director at @amazon, advisor to @soniqplay

ID 80829

Tristan Watson


Programme manager for Ignite100 startup accelerator. Formerly founder of

ID 192802

Jim Haughwout

Leading tech at @custommade. Learned to scale at @aol. @mit & @harvard. My platforms have been used by 150 million people and won 16 industry awards.

ID 316830

Mary Pagano

Worked at @clickslide

ID 67270

Jack Orion


Business Designer

ID 42389

Stuart Hamilton


Director of Axon from startup to IPO to FTSE 250 to exit. Sold a $500m deal on the way. Now hold various advisory positions in US and UK. PhD, Imperial College.

ID 11051

Jeroen Seghers

Entrepreneur in global ventures

ID 97552

Will Hines

Product Manager @google

ID 22447

Dave Stone

Founder of @ketch.

ID 91200

Hung Lee

Co-founder & CEO of

ID 194922

Nikolay Piriankov

Co-founder of Rare Pink and UniPreneur • Studied at @university-of-manchester

ID 295803

Raphael Crouan

Strategic & analytical international digital mobile Sales & Biz Dev professional. Mentor @sbootcamp @seedcamp; @apple ; @gemalto; @mcgill-university (1997)

ID 287406

Daniela Alves

Pixel perfection addict who loves to create beautiful e functional products for the web and mobile.

ID 191300

Natalia Montuori

Worked at @the-boston-consulting-group, @hill-knowlton • Studied at @yale-university, @wharton-school

ID 222481

Ilia Iordanov

CEO of @i-deed-it and @completit, Product dev of @silverlightshow • Studied at @technical-university-of-sofia • Entrepreneur by soul

ID 56622

Marc Aafjes


Supporting @the-ant-works , @opnt and founder/CEO of a new venture. Formerly @vodafone @gemini-consulting + others @stanford GSB @vrije-universiteit-amsterdam

ID 134817

Maksim Fjodorov

CEO and Co-founder at 8 years company finance management and restructuring (10-150m EUR in sales), M&A (5-200m EUR transaction value).

ID 89667

Sal A. Magnone

Principle Partner, LAB09 LLC Member,BOA: (Opinionaided)

ID 376118

Hari Ramamurthy

A commercially driven technical geek with an active interest in finding technical solutions. My specialities include LAMP stack (all bells and whistles)

ID 270354

Pravin Paratey

CTO at Affectv

ID 807956

Mike Chalfen


I am a Partner at Mosaic Ventures, a new Silicon Valley-style venture capital firm based in London, focused on Series A.

ID 157101

Melissa Clark-Reynolds

Founder @minimonos. Experienced Founder and High Tech CEO of venture backed startups. Al Gore Climate Ambassador

ID 61312

Alice Taylor

Founder/CEO, @makielab. Founder, Stor. Games & teen media specialist. Multiple major awards. Innovator. Nerd. Judge/Advisor: Indiecade, IGF, BAFTA...

ID 84001

Denis Buryakovskyy


CEO, Co-Founder Lamex Group / @berhunt-limited

ID 467138

Maciej Dziedziela

ID 571991

Malcolm Bell


Founder of & Entrepreneur. Ex-Investment Manager for $5bn Forbes family offices. Now its my own money .... Yikes!

ID 169780

Niklas Slotte

Co-Founder @sayduck; +10 years experience of mobile ecosystems. Co-Founded @steam-communications and @flyerone. Strong entrepreneurial background.

ID 519393

William Kirby


Fintech Angel - Peer to Peer Finance - Alternative Lending - Bitcoin - Blockchain / Crypto - Reputation / Identity

ID 200809

Andrew Lucas

Experienced engineering leader with ability to build and manage teams. Development skills include, Java, web apps, architecture, Amazon AWS, SCRUM.

ID 121401

Chris Burke


Technology Advisor at Warburg Pincus

ID 135734

Attila Kecsmar

Co-founder at @antavo. Serial entrepreneur with 3 successful IT companies. 14 years of experience in web development & visual communication.

ID 718963

Tom Wilson


Investment Manager @seedcamp

ID 96211

James Giancotti


Former Mgmt Consultant @deloitte-consulting then Investment Banker. @goldman-sachs Invested @connect @taxiwise-1 Co-Founder @bigcolors

ID 221790

Audrey Giroud

Helping to shape the future of finance at @lendinvest. Broad background in Social Media, Finance and Art • Studied at @mcgill-university, @university-of-geneva

ID 19624

Veiko Jääger

UI and UX Designer • 5y in startups, 9y in telecom, 3y in banking • Passion for simplicity

ID 201486

Camilla Buttery

Strategy and business development professional, background at Microsoft corp. strategy and Monitor strategy consulting, Oxford University graduate 2004.

ID 282785

Marthe Ravail Rodrigues

I am Social Media & Content Planner at AEG• I have an engineering degree and social media & business analytics experience.

ID 15897

Alex Parish

Co-founder Worked at Edelman as Technical Director. BSc Physics. Bass guitarist.

ID 86008

Sebastien Powell

I specialise in web and user interface design, user experience and branding. I'm currently working as the lead designer for Adbrain.

ID 46515

Geoff Wagstaff

Founder + CTO of @gosquared

ID 42335

Maxime Pourrat

Passionate about internet, I am an enthusiast for Business Development and marketing strategy

ID 356574

Ashwin Desikan

I am a multidisciplinary product manager and data scientist with more than 10 years experience in the media, science, sports, and governmental sectors.

ID 129882

Matt Bennett

Senior Engineer & Architecture Team Lead at onefinestay. 1st class MEng from Bristol; 4.0 GPA during my year at UT.

ID 312809

Juraj Priecel

Cofounder @efficio-consulting - high impact procurement advisory • Worked at @andersen-consulting, @at-kearney • Studied at @insead-1, TU Berlin

ID 314719

James Yancey

Founder and CEO of CloudTags, optimizing brick and mortar stores like digital. Managing Director @360i, Managing Director @ignitionone-com Founder of

ID 193333

Hamish Brocklebank


Loves building companies, great products, strong teams and automating sales. Co-founder of @docsperfect, @flooved and most recently founder or @portent-io

ID 129911

Chris Ennis


Starter / Builder

ID 134823

Mareks Veinbergs

COO of @repairy. 15 years in ERP implementations, vendors of @microsoft solutions and QlikView BI. Prior to @repairy founded 3 companies in IT and consulting.

ID 110388

Tom Valentine


Managing Director at Secret Escapes

ID 171140

Sara Riedl

ID 25988

Leo Goldfeld

VP at @fotki-1 Unique experience in signing the first lighthouse customers and partners for technology startups. Founder, executive, business development and sales mastery.

ID 58733

Giuliano Iacobelli

Founder at @stamplay. Software Engineer who get things done and entrepreneur since 17 yrs old.

ID 500128

Marius Giese

SEM Manager @ebates. Recently moved to San Francisco from London. Digital Marketing and eCommerce is the path I'm running down. 

ID 177766

Ivan Vesic

CEO & Founder @vetcloud, determined to disrupt animal @health-care

ID 284175

Rohan Premnath

New Markets Central Operations coordinator and Global Revenue executive at onefinestay. Economics graduate with experience working at dynamic start-ups

ID 102649

Ryan Johnson

CTO/Cofounder of @spatch Previously senior software engineer on the internal platform @zynga

ID 126336

Jian Yuan

Software Engineer at Yoyo; Recent Imperial College London graduate; Maker of Things.

ID 833884

Harry Franks

Operations Manager with Onefinestay currently located in LA managing in-home operations. Specialist in process design, efficiency planning and management

ID 33169

Andrew McDonough

CTO and cofounder of Tribesports.

ID 486536

Greg Rogers


Managing Director at Techstars, Founder and CEO of Pictela (sold to AOL), VP at Tacoda (sold to AOL), Board Director Schedulicity, Active angel investor

ID 41978

Andrew Davies

Co-founder (marketing tech company). Co-founder (social media dev). Deloitte Consulting. Warwick Business School.

ID 169818

Mikael Ylinen

Co-founder @sayduck. Serial entrepreneur specialized in process optimization and automation. Co-founded @whyprint, @kaffa-roastery, @reactive-media-ltd.

ID 54645

David Batey

Founder of Nickelled. Former lead ruby on rails developer at Shutl. Ex @accenture consultant. @oxford University MSc Computer Science grad.

ID 188529

Ian Edwards


ID 46517

James Taylor

Developer for @gosquared, Cambridge mathematician

ID 312214

Adnan Ebrahim

Founder & CEO of Car Throttle. Previous: (sold to YoungEntrepreneur Inc), UCL Entrepreneurs Society President & UCL Econ BSc 2011.

ID 286358

Adrian Rands

CEO and co-founder of QuanTemplate. 10 years of reinsurance, financial modelling and financial trading experience.

ID 3604

Mathieu Gosselin

Crazy Execute Officer, creative developer, designer, explorer and human being

ID 80825

Thomas Guillaumin

Co-founder & CEO @

ID 199301

Kristel Viidik

CEO of Testlio; software tester; creates and breaks software.

ID 291113

Kiyan Foroughi


CEO and co-founder of global online fashion accessories marketplace @boticca. Champions independent designers, fashion democracy and living life your way.

ID 55325

Sam Phillips

Head of Engineering at Shutl (acquired eBay 2013), formerly PM for The Hut Group and Developer #1 for On The Beach Holidays.

ID 45456

Christophe Frèrebeau


Founder @fundspire • Worked at @accenture, @evestment • Investor @placemeter • Studied at @telecom-paristech

ID 15890

Julian Keenaghan

Co-Founder @tastebuds. Developer. MSc Artificial Intelligence @university-of-edinburgh. Musician.

ID 535809

Ian Sutherland

Entrepreneurial CFO/COO with significant experience in early stage VC backed businesses.

ID 427586

Kevin Davies

Analytical manager with experience of designing and managing complex operational businesses. I come complete with engineering degree and consultancy skillset

ID 61227

Massimiliano Del Vita

CEO and co-founder of Klappo, strong Product Development background.

ID 272532

Vuk Nikolić

Co-Founder and CEO of TruckTrack

ID 320637

David Serafini


ID 89609

Martyn Haigh

ID 254089

Louise Deason

Ex @facebook and @goldman-sachs. Now working @duedil.

ID 110406

David Plans

PhD Artificial Intelligence and Media. VP Product @ BioBeats, Director at Adaptive Media Labs. Lecturer in Innovation, University of Surrey

ID 568805

Silvia Hernández Cabrera

I firmly believe in the ability of design to improve the world around us and make it better. Why not to participate in this change?

ID 176326

Paul Scott

CTO @duedil. Full-stack dev. Studied Actuarial Science at @heriot-watt-university University.

ID 29854

Jim Morrison

Founder of @twidaq & Achieve Awesome, owner of @deep-blue-sky Digital.

ID 139353

Joshua Greene

currently Managing Director - Tech / Experience Design / Finance / Team Leadership / Product / Marketing / Operations background

ID 67027

Jude Ower

CEO of @playmob. Worked with multiple start-ups within the games industry across 10 years. Have spent the past 6 years helping charities promote through games.

ID 87616

Desigan Chinniah

Angel, London Firestarter @ @mozilla (ex-Ask/Skype/eBay/PayPal) tl;dr Startups.Tech.Innovation— Mentor.Angel— Events.Unconferences—

ID 157447

Jo Harris

Product Manager @skimlinks • Technical Documentation Editor (freelance) • MSc Computer Science at @university-college-london • BA(Hons) Photography at UCA

ID 322126

Ashton Snook

UI/UX designer, people thinker, interaction solver and wanter of great experiences for everyone.

ID 55751

Dominic Sayers

Founder @xenapto, @hoptwist • Worked at @anthemis-group, @royal-bank-of-scotland

ID 165577

Gabe da Silveira

Co-Founder & Technical Lead @mubi

ID 414913

Joe Green

Senior Front End Developer at @uswitch-com.

ID 113491

Nayan Tolia

Business Development at Skimlinks

ID 639026

Zack Bleach

Tehnical Team Lead @brandwatch, BSc AI&CS @university-of-sussex-1 Service Manager of the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme at @university-of-sussex

ID 167604

Tom Hennigan

Software Engineer at Google

ID 135729

Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Co-founder @antavo. Ex-broadcaster and journalist, studied economics & communication. Hungarian winner 2009; European Young Journalist Award of the EC

ID 15532

Josh Liu

Co-founder of Acrossio, my 2nd startup. Strong product and business background. MBA at Imperial College London, ex-Ogilvy

ID 282816

Diarmuid Thoma

Director of Risk & Data Strategy @trustev

ID 367070

Romain Bertrand

Experienced Marketeer eHarmony / JustGiving / Skype / PhotoBox Wine lover, and not just Bordeaux Sports fanatic

ID 509889

Richard Howard

CEO & Co-founder @shortcut-3 . Previously at @rentify , @uber and @hsbc

ID 46111

Hunter Morris

CTO / Co-founder of @smarkets; Derivatives trading background (Wolverine); @northwestern-university CS grad 2003; Texan expat.

ID 188314

Mike Evans

Co-founder and COO of Obvious Engineering. I develop and manage technology businesses, creating IP, apps, and products for web and mobile.

ID 348630

David Miller

Founded West Virginia Illustrated and Sportcut.

ID 46388

Atal Malviya

CEO & CTO of @odimax, 3rd startup, Strong technology and business background. Worked with Oracle Corp, @sap Labs etc. Holds MBA from Ashridge UK.

ID 115258

Anna Maybank

Co-founder and CEO @poetica, former co-founder and MD @bgv, @berkeley MBA

ID 18987

Tuomas Toivonen

Co-founder and CTO at – the better bank.

ID 70821

Luca Longobardi


Founder @sfilatino, @99 fahrenheit

ID 488089

Imogen Wentworth

Front-End Engineer @skimlinks

ID 111879

Jonny Miller

CMO, Co-founder at Maptia.

ID 323610

Rebeka Bergin

Senior Writer at Airwalk Design, Author, Blogger and Part Time Merit sales at Next PLC.

ID 16669

Oleg Podsechin

Founder StartHQ. I also do due diligence for investors.

ID 725630

Marisa Fewtrell

A well rounded digital designer - skilled in every step of the product lifecycle from UX and visual design through to front-end development.

ID 382169

Siôn Smith

AWS Architect with an extensive understanding of distributed systems and a particular interest in large-scale data processing.

ID 89782

Tarko Tikan

Network and unix hacker. 10y of experience in both operational and design of Service Provider networks. Co-founder and Tech of @pult.

ID 72401

Ulf Waschbusch

Founder Placety, GM / Mobile Head SGN, Chief of Product Garena, Director Mobile Myspace, PMM Google Mobile, Stanford MBA, Berkeley CS

ID 279038

Alessandro Iacoponi

My focus is helping publishers and content rights holders to implement new business models, find new products and help them to find new revenue streams. I have a strong Business Development experience negotiating complex media and Internet deals. Start

ID 119704

David Truong

I like building things.

ID 180910

James Cameron


VC @Accel Partners London • Co-founder BipSync • Previously @morgan-stanley, @freshfields-bruckhaus-deringer • @stanford-graduate-school-of-business MBA

ID 58829

Paul Galante

CEO/Founder of Click Quote Save - Lead Generation Expert - SEO/PPC - MA Finance (London) - Trilingual - Brazilian/American - Bootstrapped to $2mm.

ID 374355

Zoe Cunningham


MD of Softwire, grew the company from startup to 80 people in 2013. Founder of Tech Talkfest events and networking advocate. Angel Investor.

ID 695265

Julien Codorniou


Facebook EMEA, x-MSFT.

ID 181858

Russ Ferriday

CTO Topia Systems Ltd. Worked at @cisco, @openwave, @lotus-development-corporation , @hubbub-2 . Product Architect and Software Consultant at large.

ID 34890

Alex Griffiths

CEO @socialcrunch. Strong finance, business development & product launch skills. Brit in Chicago. 1 exit so far.

ID 143594

Romain Eude


Co-founder of Utelly, former CTO of @my-wardrobe-com. International experience (US, France, now UK). Always helping other startups.

ID 414227

Aneesh Varma

Co-founder @aire & prior @fabriqate • Worked at @jpmorgan-chase, @credit-suisse • Studied at @lehigh-university - FinTech Fantastic author. Foodie. Traveller.

ID 66280

Simon I'Anson

Digital product design and strategy. Co-founder Kopi. Product lead on Google Global Impact Challenge finalist - TaskSquad. Ex-agency Creative Director.

ID 212681

Daumantas Dvilinskas

Co-founder & CEO @transfergo Biz dev, strategy, fundraising, marketing. Passionate about changing people's lives through business.

ID 56984

Nick Bell


Senior Vice President of Product at News Corporation, New York. 4x exits in previous life.

ID 31993

Mehdi Djabri

Tech-Entrepreneur, UI/UX designer, World traveler, ESCP Europe Master in Management. Changing the future of soccer @jogabo

ID 212648

Frank Webster


Senior Investment Associate at @seedrs.

ID 108834

Robyn Exton

Founder of @dattch, the app helping lesbian & bisexual women meet each other. Organiser of @geekgirl & previously at brand strategy agency, @calling-brands.

ID 680594

Erol Ziya

VP Engineering for Yoyo - the future of payments and loyalty. Leading the technical vision and implementation with superstar engineers on cutting edge tech

ID 88198

David Mytton

Founder & CEO Server Density, Python programmer, first ever customer of MongoDB, alumni Seedcamp '09, tea taster

ID 239281

Felipe Servin

Co-founder @shoe-lovers @Calzaclick, @Reactor5; Chief Software Development Public Investment Management; @Univ Warwick

ID 30842

Ilya Spitalnik


Founder and CEO @powtoon | Founder @greenwave-incubator | Launched's E-Trade (now | Launched (now

ID 115072

David Bergendahl


Worked at @slated, @merrill-lynch • Studied at @duke-university • Happiest when helping leaders see from a different perspective

ID 130664

Napoleon Biggs


20 years in Asia. 15 years in technology

ID 91225

Abs Farah

CEO and co-founder of @fractal.

ID 168840

Ross Deane

Senior Front-end developer at @duedil since 2010. Full stack coder, PHP/SQL/CSS/JS/Obj-C.

ID 41613

Stefano Argiolas

CEO and co-founder @chupamobile. Previously co-founded @dlite Strong Marketing Vision and Business Strategy.

ID 5280

Ciprian Borodescu

I'm the CEO and Co-founder of @appticles. I'm workaholic, idealistic and passionate about HTML5.

ID 31870

Daumantas Dvilinskas

@pinevio enables our users to discover relevant content from people with shared interests.

ID 851402

Gorka Eguileor

Backend Software Engineer at Yoyo.

ID 306922

David Benello


ID 317814

Samir Seetal

CTO & Co-Founder Zzish

ID 237289

Matt Cottingham

Co-founder @microco-sm. Worked at @yellow-pages-group. Alumnus of @university-of-cambridge and @imperial-college-london-1.

ID 74298

Yann Ranchere


Passionate about startups and innovations related to financial services. Work with @anthemis to change financial services for the 21st century.

ID 60883

Sulka Haro

CDO & Co-Founder of @makielab. Former lead designer at @sulake / Habbo Hotel / Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom.

ID 320612

Zack Young

Zack Young, Entrepreneur & Adventurer. Founder @cherry-bird

ID 653882

Niamh O'Reilly

Inhouse Recruiter at @skimlinks

ID 387375

Les Jeal

Worked at @yoyo-3, @virgin-media Business development and channel development. Payments background as well as retail and mobile.

ID 68129

Odera Ume-Ezeoke

@viewsy's CEO. Lover of brilliant execution, optimising for user behaviour and late night psychologising.

ID 80866

Fabien Charbit

Founded archivme, previously in charge of IT project for @cap-gemini E&Y and for @logica, +11 years experienced in IT

ID 230675

William Drewett

Co-Founder @socialite-1 . Economics graduate. Charismatic and focused. Passion for solving life's problems.

ID 84626

Ben Grech

Co-founder at Worked in BD for leading mid-market PE fund, @h-i-g-capital (London).1st class finance graduate.

ID 185876

Jerry Freeman

Founder+CEO PaletteApp 25 years in design and manufacturing. Created PaletteApp to disrupt the current system of introducing product to architects and designers

ID 186988

Victor B. Dillard

Founder Desktop Genetics • Versatile background (@glaxosmithkline, @procter-gamble-2, @flagship-ventures) • @university-of-cambridge, @imperial-college-london-2

ID 139080

Claudio Bosco

Chief Product Officer & Founder @fluentify

ID 278171

Rose Lewis


Co-Founder and Investor In @collider - invested in and supporting 18 startups so far. Champion for early stage for over 15 years at Pembridge, CCF and 3i.

ID 249371

Sohail Godall

Founder @ultimate-fan-live • Worked @samsung • Studied @cass-business-school • Background in Mobile & Gaming

ID 204802

David Kitchen

Founder @microco-sm, @buro9 • Worked at @yellow-pages-group, @british-telecom, @perform-group, @Jeepster Recordings • Studied at @birkbeck

ID 173656

Darran Garnham


Father, Investor, CCO of @mindcandy, Award winning global brand builder, Member of BAFTA Children's & Gaming Committee

ID 5376

Tõnis Saag

Co-founder and CEO of @sportlyzer. Founded and managed sports medicine centres in Estonia. Ex-athlete, certified coach 14 yrs.

ID 358931

Ben Gamble

Founder at GlassFit. I started the Augmented reality offering at PA. The apps I have built have gone everywhere from Defence to Healthcare and consumer goods.

ID 187136

Lee Malcher

Co-Founder and CEO of - social car discovery at your fingertips!

ID 158299

Shenan Reed

Founder/CMO @morpheus-media (2001)• Worked at @mass-transit-interactive, @spectra-marketing • Studied at University of Houston, @iona-college

ID 101246

Giacomo Moiso


Co-founder & Director @fluentify | IT, mobile and web consumer startups lover | Business Developer @AcceleratorAcademy

ID 23938

Max Ciociola

Founder & CEO @musixmatch : World's Largest Lyrics Catalog in your pocket for iOS, Android, Spotify. Strong Mobile background (Past Exit +30mln€, +15years on Mobile)

ID 699949

Dr. Srini Sundaram

Tech Entreprenuer, Ex Rolls Royce, Wonga, Interests: Fintech, Credit, Microfinance,Natural Resources Founder @agrisolum Co-Founder @aire Co-Founder @MLC

ID 111229

David Senior

CEO of Lowdown Husband, Father, Londoner. MD of Spark33 Ltd

ID 448877

Salone Sehgal

Director of Strategy @trulysocial | Tech Advisor, Business Strategy,Fundraising | M&A banker @morgan-stanley @barclays-bank | Studied at @iese-business-school-1 School | Mobile | Social | Games

ID 184864

Edward Perello

Founder Desktop Genetics

ID 32358

Steve Reid

CEO at @tribesports. Qualified ACA, most recently Head of Finance at a start-up that took over £12m in funding. Sport obsessed; data and process driven executive

ID 184791

Becky Downing

ID 1951

Meagan Marks


ID 284216

Kai Feller

Co-Founder of Socialite. Driven, focused and committed individual who loves to work hard.

ID 225405

Toby Vacher

Founder/Product at @voicecandy-1. Founder of @taste-cocktails Formerly Head of Product and UX at @enthuse-me ; Product Manager at @groupspaces

ID 515085

Anousheh Tavakoli

Co- Founder @supenta-1

ID 131297

Rob McCombie


Investment Director @cbpe-capital. Previously worked @bc-partners. Active angel investor/entrepreneur.

ID 129748

Andreas Penna


Ninja who advises and consults tech companies and VC funds among US, EU & Brasil. Selective Angel investor and lover of binary.

ID 31259

Carsten Kolbek


Serial entrepreneur and seed investor. Co-founder of @rainmaking, @startupbootcamp and 10+ other companies

ID 4051

Sam Sethi

CTO & Co-Founder of Skadoosh. Martial Artist (TaeKwondo & Krav Maga) . Ex-Army Officer, worked at Microsoft, Netscape and MBA from CASS Business School.

ID 400911

Lee Lomax

COO & CoFounder @beem-1 , Bluechip Digital & Social Media Marketer (P&G, Nestle, Canon). Accelerator Alumni. Linguistic & Behavioural Economics. Award Nominated

ID 74789

Fotis Talantzis

CEO & Co-founder of, Computer Engineer, Web 2.0 Enterpreneur, Worked at ICT industry and academia. @imperial-college-london PhD, MSc.

ID 104590

Jonathan Bill


ex corporate. emerging markets, mobile focussed active angel.

ID 169067

Clive Dickens

ID 61854

Jo Roach

Founder at @makielab. Consultant & Expert in cross-platform media projects for broadcast and brands.

ID 464701

Sabina Alexandra

24yr old Romanian, founder of mobile nutrition platform @kahla and previously Head of Marketing at @brainient.

ID 143268

Tim Fouracre


Founder of Clear Books online accounting software

ID 267131

Catarina Violante

Founder @mellow with a background in industrial design and product development. Lover of all things hardware. Foodie.

ID 84938

Alan Hamlyn

Chief Technology Officer @MarketMeSuite. The brains behind creating great software.

ID 333518

Matt Drew

Co-Founder @sayduck Consultancy / Entrepreneur / Business Customer Dev / Insight / Product / Growth / Hustling @christies-fine-art-auctioneers @hibu labs

ID 76556

Greg Carter


Associate at @arts-alliance-ventures

ID 284200

Jasper van Nistelrooy

Co-founder @achieved. Strong background in product management (Achieved, ING Direct), and business (Investment Analysis Msc, ING Bank). Seasoned developer.

ID 458526

Alex Bashinsky

Co-founder @picreel-2. Founder of Redcodex.

ID 473387

Ronny Rehn


Part time Angel / VC Investor with Investments in start up inquence, ticketlogic and gilt groupe amongst the more advanced companies.

ID 88530

Harry Wincup

ID 237076

Jorge Bueno

CEO of @proximus-io. Ph.D Robotics. I hacked @whatsapp with magiapp and I solve Rubiks cube blindfolded

ID 419411

James Weiner

Co-founder and CPO @poetica. Formerly founding designer at UK Government Digital Service and GOV.UK

ID 257704

Edoardo Turelli

Tech Lead and Entrepreneur. Creator of @flux-app, founder of @koinup - now at @adbrain-3

ID 210477

Marco Doncel Gabaldón

CIO at @proximus-io M.Sc in Computer Science especialized in Data Intelligence. Stereo vision based navigation systems.

ID 56893

Aitor Grandes

CEO of @24symbols. I bring the vision and passion to @24symbols. Digital manager with 14 years experience in technology companies.

ID 9748

Celso Pinto

Founder & CEO at @simpletax. Previously launched similar service in Portugal, going from 0 to 45,000 taxpayers. EMBA from UAL.

ID 346872

Pablo Alejandro Perez

Founder @air-comments. PhD student by @universitat-rovira-i-virgili. Strong background in computer science, privacy, security and cryptography. @ios-development

ID 105124

Juan Lopez-Valcarcel


Digital Executive & Investor. CTO/Founder of Internet portal in Spain in 1996, now managing digital product & technology transformation for large corporates

ID 182689

Malcolm Scovil


Cofounder/CEO @snow-cherry • Leap • Formerly at @summit-partners

ID 258209

Andy Skipper

Consulting CTO, previously at Responsible for explosive growth in early stage startups and creative problem solver. Leader and recruiter of A-players.

ID 170528

Dave Evans

Founder @playcanvas • Worked at @sony-computer-entertainment-europe • Studied at @oxford-university

ID 32105

Sylvain Giuliani

COO at @pusher. Previously at @allmyapps. Had fun with @dropdock & @foodsterbox

ID 80854

Adam Baker

Founder of @blottr, a citizen journalism news service that breaks news quicker than most.

ID 60099

Michael Ferguson

Co-founder and COO at ApptheGame. Co-founder @geomium.

ID 198917

Alexander Bastien

BizDev @pusher Founder @CollectiveLab Focused on building #Lean Startups. #Productivity geek. Ferocious appetite for learning.

ID 380495

Jonathan Hurwitz


Jonick Investments cc venture fund.

ID 101745

Diego Meller

Founder @jampp, @livra

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 187849

Mathilde Leo

21 year-old apprentice ed-tech entrepreneur. Passionate about making meaningful products happen. Now learning the ropes of multi-screen advertising at Adbrain.

ID 170522

Will Eastcott

Founder @playcanvas • Worked at @electronic-arts, @activision-blizzard • Studied at @imperial-college-london-1

ID 175001

Lisa Winning

Founder and CEO @hetexted • Advisory Board at United Nations Youth Assembly • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 41218

Barnaby Clark

CEO & Founder @line-up; Associate at @sardis-capital; Worked at @cartesis; First from Portsmouth University/Bordeaux Ecole De Management.

ID 19523

Alex Wheldon

Founder @kanary. @seedcamp alumni, making data work for smarketers.

ID 40028

John Martin

Head of Product/Tech @synkio Former: Design lead @groupspaces and developer / designer @absolute-radio

ID 196966

Melissa Trahan

Head of Talent at Thread

ID 60671

Kathleen Warner

I create.

ID 1256

Karm Singh

Founder @kixar. Advisor @car-throttle. Product & Full-stack. BSc.Computer Sci, MSc.Management Sci. PricewaterhouseCoopers Alumni.

ID 49181

Jed Christiansen

I run a regional sales partnerships / BD team for Google in EMEA. Founder/developer of Seed-DB. Have run nuclear submarines and raced solar powered cars.

ID 211249

Scott Ling

CEO @InstantAPI, Mentor @bitangels First book published on .NET in 2001, various others since.

ID 93457

Mark M. Whelan

British design thinker, co- founder of @vizuluxdesign strong international business background. Stanford D:school educated. Easily found @hacker-dojo

ID 11278

Richard Marr

Founder at @guevara, • Worked at @justgiving, @moreover-technologies, @verisign • Studied at @imperial-college-london-1

ID 195332

Gregor Ambrozic

ID 118030

Mark Lamb

Founder and CEO of Coinfloor. Previously founded Zeltor Technology Solutions, AR Dealz and Rewardr

ID 513994

[email protected]

CTO of @proximus-io (invested by @techstars 2014) | Ph.D Machine Learning and Robotics | Worked at the ESA | Specialised on indoor geolocation based on BT 4.0

ID 188806

Bill Rappos

Product Designer at @fleksy. 1st startup during engineering school. #1 iOS app with iSteam. Founder and CEO of GreatApps.

ID 114918

Driss Ben Brahim


Worked at @goldman-sachs, @glg-partners, @ebrd-london

ID 579088

Andy Phillipps


Co-founder of ActiveHotels (sold to Priceline), former CEO of Priceline Intnll (now, Chairman Toptable (sold to Opentable), teach at LBS + INSEAD

ID 67060

Sanjeev Chhugani

Was a turnaround banker and advisor working on financings, rescues and principal investments for corporates, governments, banks and SMBs.

ID 78170

Nazish Ahmed

Business Development professional, experience at high growth start-ups. IESE MBA with a background in engineering

ID 58505

James Fisher

Founder at

ID 113863

Shahar Waiser


Founder & CEO @gettaxi-gett-in-usa

ID 223693

Daniel Siemaszkiewicz

Masters student at Grenoble Ecole De Managament (MIB Program), Previously Business Development at @tab-1, Currently Sales Associate at @streethub

ID 201804

Anca Albu

Storm Chaser

ID 146817

Christopher Pruijsen

Founder/CEO @sterio-me & Co-founder @ampion | Prev: @nacue @oxford-university | Advisor @the-kairos-society

ID 217176

Edward Gotham

Head of Demand Generation. Ometria