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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in London.

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ID 13538

Umar Akram

I build. Founded and led "pre-iphone and android app store" start up.

ID 291857

Deepak I. Shahdadpuri


Founder of DSG Consumer Partners (DSGCP), an investment company focusing on identifying, selecting and investing in consumer businesses.

ID 87290

Nicholas Heller


Technology/ Media/ Telecoms/ Finance. Entrepreneur. Non-Exec Board Member. Advisor. Mentor. Investor. Xoogler.

ID 21183

Christian Thaler-Wolski


Early stage investor at @wellington-partners, mentor at Seedcamp, advisor to tech companies.Know a thing about SaaS metrics, pricing strategy and building a sales team.

ID 411486

John Power


Full time Hedgie, Angel investor @knot-standard-1 @elliptic @glownet @srd-wireless-limited-1 @adquantic Techstars Mentor, P.E. & Investment Banking background

ID 31617

Mark Castleman


EIR @ Bell Labs

ID 759648

Logan Mason

Hong Kong based BitCoin India Board Member Commercial Pilot Intl Investor with investments in startups across Jordan, USA and India. Precious metals investor

ID 390126

Sal A. Magnone

Entrepreneur, CEO/CTO, Technology Professional with a concentration in Big Data, Fast Data, Complex Analytics, and Data Mining.

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